Ben Affleck Hosting Dinner Parties For Single Women?

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Ben Affleck Dinner Parties Single Women

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Dinner Parties Single Women

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Is Ben Affleck really hosting dinner parties with the request that his friends bring over attractive single women? That’s the claim in one of this week’s new tabloids, but Gossip Cop has the exclusive truth.

An article in the latest issue of Life & Style contends that the actor has been “embracing the bachelor lifestyle” since moving out of the home he shared with Jennifer Garner and their three kids. The estranged spouses officially filed for divorce in April, and now a questionable source tells the outlet that Affleck is “absolutely loving the single life.” The magazine’s dubious insider further purports that the actor often invites friends to his home for dinner, but only under the condition that they bring prospective women for him to date.

But despite the tabloid’s assertion that the actor is “swimming in babes at his new bachelor pad,” a mutual friend of ours and Affleck assures us this tale of wild dinner parties is simply “not true.” We’re told the actor is instead busy “focusing on family.” Of course, Life & Style has a poor track record when it comes to accurately reporting about Affleck, so this latest piece of fiction isn’t surprising.

In fact, just one week before the actor and his estranged wife filed for divorce in April, the magazine wrongly reported that Affleck and Garner were renewing their vows. We also called out the tabloid for making up a slew of inaccurate reasons why Affleck went to rehab earlier this year. Unfortunately, the repeatedly discredited outlet continues to publish lies about the actor’s personal life.

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