Ben Affleck Did NOT Give Jennifer Garner Diamond, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Diamond Anniversary

By Andrew Shuster |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Fourth Child

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Ben Affleck did NOT give Jennifer Garner an 11-carat diamond as a “pre-11th wedding anniversary” gift, despite a very late and still very wrong report. Gossip Cop can once again bust this claim.

According to RadarOnline, Affleck surprised his estranged wife with the diamond during the former couple’s recent vacation to Paris with their children. The webloid claims the actor didn’t set the stone in a ring because he didn’t want “to scare Jen off,” but instead had it placed in a necklace with the hope “she’ll suggest resetting the rock into a new wedding ring.”

However, the webloid did no actual reporting of its own, and instead just regurgitated a completely fabricated National Enquirer story that Gossip Cop already debunked. As Gossip Cop reported earlier this week when this phony story first emerged, a source close to the situation exclusively assured us Affleck never bought Garner a pre-anniversary diamond, and the claim is 100 percent “false.”

RadarOnline simply used the Enquirer’s inaccurate information and re-reported it as fact. But of course, we’re not surprised the webloid would try to spread lies about Affleck and Garner’s relationship. Gossip Cop just recently busted the site for falsely alleging the ex-couple were planning to “save their marriage with a baby.” There’s still no truth to the rumor about a nonexistent anniversary diamond, despite the site parroting a false claim that Gossip Cop already corrected.

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Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner an 11-carat diamond as a pre-11th wedding anniversary gift.


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