Has Ben Affleck been holding out hope that he’d get back together with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner? One tabloid claimed this was the case, and insinuated that The Way Back star might have a chance with the mother of his three kids. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors and came to a much different conclusion.

Woman’s Day claimed a few months back that Ben Affleck had told “friends” that he wanted Jennifer Garner back. The often discredited outlet used selected quotes from Affleck’s interview with the New York Times as part of their evidence that the Justice League actor still wanted to win back Garner.

“Ben hit rock bottom when their marriage hit troubled waters, and he turned to drinking, which was the death knell,” a source for the outlet insisted. “But he’s put the work in, and Jen has been supportive and seen how far he’s come. Ben is hopeful she will be able to find it within herself to give it another shot.”

The tabloid then quotes Affleck’s New York Times interview heavily, emphasizing the quote, “The biggest regret of my life is this divorce.” This, the outlet insisted, proved that Affleck never really got over Garner. A second source, a supposed “friend,” though it’s not clear if the friend is Affleck’s or Garner’s, brought the ridiculous article to a close, explaining, “I think Jen would consider taking him back. She never stopped loving him — though I’m sure he would need to commit to therapy for his compulsions for the rest of their lives together." Some stories just debunk themselves.

Gossip Cop didn’t have enough evidence to directly refute the story when it was first published, though we had a strong hunch that the story was false and Affleck’s words were being twisted. A few months have passed, and we now know for certain that the tall tale pushed by this tabloid was absolutely wrong. Affleck has since gone public with his relationship with Ana de Armas, who co-starred with him in Deep Waters. Garner, too, has moved on from her relationship with Affleck and has been dating John Miller since 2018. It seems like the only one stuck on this relationship is this unscrupulous publication.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Woman’s Day would stoop so low as to print such a ridiculous tale. After all, this is the same outlet that claimed Jennifer Garner was celebrating her divorce from Ben Affleck by having John Miller’s baby. This was obviously false, Gossip Cop determined, and Garner still isn’t pregnant in the year since the article was published.

Earlier this month, completely reversing course on their Affleck/Garner reunion theory, the outlet reported that Ana de Armas was already pregnant with Affleck’s baby. Gossip Cop determined this to be mostly false. It’s difficult to trust a tabloid that spews so many lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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