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According to one magazine, Ben Affleck is going through some sort of midlife crisis and is working out non-stop in an attempt to stop Ana de Armas from leaving him, much to her frustration. It's a dense piece of gossip, and Gossip Cop's investigation raised some questions. Here's the story.

Ben Affleck's Muscles Are Causing Problems?

Dubbing it "Ben's Midlife Muscle Crisis," Woman's Day reports that Affleck's "insecurity about dating a younger woman is starting to rear its ugly head" as friends of the actor say that he's become nothing short of a "whining, needy, workout-obsessed" loser. Adding to the story are two dramatic photos of Affleck, with one revealing a slight gut and disheveled outfit and another of a slimmed-down Affleck baring his impressive biceps. "He's losing it," an unnamed source tells the magazine. "Ana has him hook, line and sinker, and he's paranoid she's going to dump him for a younger hunk now her career's starting to take off. It's triggered some kind of midlife crisis."

"The fact her bosses didn't want him on the red carpet at her premiere just proves how big she's getting. She gets more job offers than he does — and Ben's feeling the pressure to keep up." Affleck's even supposed to be obsessed with de Armas' exes, using them as motivation in the gym. "He's really buffed up, and this time it's not for a role, but if he doesn't cool it a bit, Ana's going to walk," the anonymous tipster says. "He's becoming way too controlling and insecure for her. Ana's hoping it's just a phase, but the writing's on the wall — it's driving her crazy!"

What's Actually Going On With Ben Affleck

Alright, there are a few bizarre assertions here, but let's start with the most physically obvious. The tabloid used a less-than-flattering photo of Affleck from 2018 and only labeled it as a "then" to the more muscular "now" photo. For one, Affleck and de Armas weren't dating in 2018, so she's not seeing any transformation, and neither are we. As far as we can tell, Affleck's in as good as shape as he's been for the past several months — which, to his credit, is very in shape. For two, actors can change their physical appearance every few months depending on what roles they've landed. In Affleck's case, it'd be pretty silly for Affleck's The Way Back role as an alcoholic at his lowest moment to be the massive and shredded physique that Affleck honed for Batman v Superman and Justice League.

Speaking of, the outlet argues that Affleck's fitness routine couldn't be related to a role, but with the news of his return to the role of Batman (albeit in a limited capacity), we wouldn't be surprised if he was re-bulking up for the part. Again, we can't really see anything shockingly different between Affleck now and a few months ago, but even if we could, the tabloid's assertions are effectively baseless.

Ana De Armas Was "On The Rise" Years Ago

The other bizarre part of this rumor is its treatment of de Armas. Her breakout role came in 2017 with Blade Runner 2049, and she's since joined a variety of high-profile projects. Her star power has been incredible since well before her relationship with Affleck, so it's not exactly logical to say that she's only just now reaching stardom.

Furthermore, that line about Affleck being banned from de Armas' premiere is from another tabloid story that we already called out as fake. The entire premise of the rumor is that Oscar-winning actor, writer, and director Ben Affleck was banned from the No Time To Die premiere because executives thought he couldn't behave on the red carpet. If a "source" — or publication — chooses to believe and repeat such a laughable piece of gossip, then there's no reason to listen.

There's also the fact that this outlet has an awful track record when it comes to Affleck and de Armas. In June alone, it claimed that Affleck was trying to win ex-wife Jennifer Garner back and that Affleck and de Armas were pregnant — neither were remotely true. This workout rumor is just as fictional and ridiculous.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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