Ben Affleck Was Never Dating “Mystery Blonde,” Despite False Report A Year Ago

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Ben Affleck Mystery Blonde

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Mystery Blonde

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Ben Affleck may have a blonde girlfriend now in Lindsay Shookus, but he was never dating a “mystery blonde” a year ago, contrary to a report that surfaced on January 6, 2017. Gossip Cop is taking a look back at the false claim to show how our reporting has held up over time.

With a paparazzi photos as the sole basis for its claims, the Daily Mail asserted in a headline, “Ben Affleck enjoys lunch date with blonde mystery woman as she holds onto his arm in Beverly Hills.” Speculated the British tabloid, “Perhaps one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men is back on the market.” The paper went on to note how Affleck and the unnamed woman went to “a sushi lunch and a bookstore,” and pointed out how she “at one point clung onto his arm.”

The UK outlet had no evidence to back up its speculation that the woman was a new love interest for Affleck, but jumped to conclusions nonetheless. Unsurprisingly, its assumptions were wrong. As Gossip Cop learned at the time, the woman was a female companion who was helping Affleck through a detox program. Affleck has infamously struggled with alcohol addiction and has spent the past year trying to keep his health in check. The woman was by Affleck’s side for medical reasons, not romantic ones.

In July, exactly six months later to the day, Affleck’s relationship with Shookus went public. And despite the similar hair color, she was not the “mystery blonde” he was falsely claimed to be dating back in January. Now a year after that untrue report, Affleck and Shookus are still together.

What’s also notable is that after bungling that story by making guesses off of photos, the Daily Mail fumbled another report in October for doing the same thing instead of genuine reporting. After the actor was photographed with a dog, the publication claimed Affleck was using an “emotional support dog.” As Gossip Cop exclusively revealed, the pooch was really a stray that he had rescued more than a month prior.

So, Affleck wasn’t actually dating a “mystery blonde” and he wasn’t actually using a support dog. Photos don’t always tell the real story, but time has shown that Gossip Cop does.

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