Ben Affleck Pursuing Jennifer Lawrence?

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Lawrence Date Movie

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lawrence Date Movie


Ben Affleck is NOT pursuing a relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, despite a report falsely claiming the actor wants to use a new movie to get close to her. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

RadarOnline announces in a headline, “Bennifer AGAIN! Ben Affleck Sets His Sights On Jennifer Lawrence.” According to the accompanying story, Affleck has a new “Jennifer” in mind now that his “relationship with Jennifer Garner is over.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Ben thinks that Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and he loves her look.”

The webloid goes on to write, “One of the major reasons Affleck is attracted to 25-year-old Lawrence is because she reminds him of how his ex ‘used to be,'” with its supposed snitch pointing out that Garner “was once the new ‘it’ girl” as well. The site even ridiculously adds, “There was a time when she did all her own stunts, much like Lawrence now.”

And so, it’s said Affleck is now “trying to finagle his way into working with Oscar-winning Lawrence.” The tipster alleges he “wants to do a movie with her,” and claims they’re already “emailing and talking about scripts.” The “insider” adds, “He wants to get coffee or lunch with her, and he’s trying to do what he normally does, which is to arrange a ‘working date’ in Ventura in order to stay off the radar.”

But while it’s certainly conceivable that Affleck and Lawrence could end up working on the same project down the road, right now this is merely a cooked-up fantasy. It seems RadarOnline just wanted to capitalize on his split from Garner, and made it juicier by choosing another “Jennifer,” one who is among the current crop of A-list stars, to link him to.

Gossip Cop is exclusively told, however, that Affleck is not currently pursuing Lawrence romantically or professionally. In fact, one of our contacts even sniped that RadarOnline is NOT the place to go to for “correct” news. Now THAT’S true.

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Ben Affleck is pursuing Jennifer Lawrence.


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