Ben Affleck Made Jennifer Garner “Cry” At Karate Class?

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Ben Affleck Cry Jennifer Garner Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Ben Affleck Cry Jennifer Garner Photo

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Did Ben Affleck make Jennifer Garner cry while at a karate class? That’s exactly the random question being asked on Tuesday after a paparazzi photo surfaced online. Gossip Cop, however, can once again set the record straight on their dynamic.

The picture in question shows Garner and Affleck walking together as they reportedly leave their children’s karate class. Affleck, wearing a Red Sox hat, is squinting in the sunlight. Garner, who is donning sunglasses, has one of her hands by the side of her face. A website headline from New York magazine asks, “Did Ben Affleck Make Jennifer Garner Cry at Their Kids’ Karate Class?”

Of course, there’s no actual evidence that Garner is crying. But because she has her hand near her eye, it’s speculated she’s “possibly wiping away a tear.” Well, couldn’t she have been dealing with allergies? Or maybe her eyes, like Affleck’s, were bothered by the sun. Or perhaps she had an itch on her face.

The point is this: The paparazzi captured a split-second moment in time from a distance, and to build a questionable story around it with a sensational headline is kind of ridiculous. It seems outlets only want to portray Affleck and Garner as completely on the outs or romantically reunited. That’s why, as one source points out to Gossip Cop, New York was one of the places that picked up the false reports last month about a reconciliation, only to now flip-flop in the opposite direction.

But in this case, Affleck and Garner were simply out and about like any other normal parents who happen to be estranged but simply get along and jointly support their children. “Everything is lovely between them,” says our contact. So let’s just leave well enough alone, okay?


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