Ben Affleck On Verge Of “Breakdown”?

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Ben Affleck Breakdown

By Michael Lewittes |

Ben Affleck Breakdown

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Ben Affleck’s friends are not worried he’s on the verge of a “breakdown,” despite a confusing and, at times, illogical webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “incorrect” and “ridiculous.”

According to RadarOnline, the pressure on Affleck to “save his family” has become so great, his friends are afraid he’s going to have a “breakdown.” The webloid then quotes a so-called “pal” of Affleck’s as saying, “Ben’s a shadow of his former self — bloated, down and completely torn over what to do.” Illogically, the gossip site’s supposed source explains that as a result of Affleck imploding, Jennifer Garner is trying to “fix things,” so that she, her estranged husband, and their three kids can be together again.

Affleck, says the webloid’s questionable source, can’t believe Garner wants to reconcile “after how he’s behaved but she feels she should.” Naturally, the site does not mention how he “behaved,” because like the rest of its slapped together story, there’s no logic or facts. Why, for instance, would Affleck be “down and torn over what to do,” if Garner wants to take him back?

The absurd story then has its dubious source both say Garner’s hopeful Affleck “can pull himself together” and “he’s burnt her so many times.” As if the report didn’t make any sense already, the webloid’s story, which began with how nervous Affleck’s pals are that he’s going to have a “breakdown,” ends with its seemingly fictitious “friend” saying the actor “doesn’t deserve” a second chance.

Regardless of how sloppy and contradictory RadarOnline’s story is, Gossip Cop is assured from an actual close friend of Affleck’s that the webloid’s confusing tale is both “incorrect” and “ridiculous.” We’re told Affleck is not poised for a “breakdown.”

Of course, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised about how wrong the outlet is, considering how we busted it four weeks ago when it embarrassingly reported Garner was pregnant. Conveniently, the site didn’t mention that or how Gossip Cop corrected it three week ago when it falsely insinuated Affleck was having a secret relationship with his Live By Night co-star Sienna Miller. In any event, the current tale is similarly untrue.

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Ben Affleck is on the verge of a breakdown.


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