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What happened to the two babies Ben Affleck was supposedly having at the same time with Jennifer Garner and Lindsay Shookus? Nine months ago, a celebrity magazine was so sure of its information that it ran a story on its cover that declared Affleck's ex-wife and girlfriend were "both pregnant." Enough time has passed to show the publication's article was 100 percent false, and that Gossip Cop was right at the time to call it fiction.

A full three trimesters ago, Star insisted Affleck was "expecting a child not only with Lindsay, but also with Jen." And in an attempt to prove its premise, the tabloid had on its front page (below) two yellow arrows pointing to the bellies of Garner and Shookus. While the photos of the two women were arguably not taken from the best angles, it most certainly was not ironclad evidence of them having baby bumps. But, as is the practice of these types of outlets, an unnamed and untraceable "source" was trotted out to provide the publication with just the right words to back up its fabricated narrative.

In this instance, the so-called "source" maintained that while estranged, Garner and Affleck had a "sleepover" one night, and as a result she got "pregnant... the timing lines perfectly up with the night Ben slept at her place." Meanwhile, the alleged "insider" added there was a "baby on the way" for Shookus, who was "pregnant too" with Affleck's child. The purported tipster noted the actor impregnating both women at the same time was a "mess," but Affleck was still "feeling good about it."

Of course, the real "mess" was the tabloid's reporting. At the time the piece was published, a mutual friend of Gossip Cop and Shookus assured us it was "not true" that the "Saturday Night Live" producer was pregnant, and Garner's rep also told us on the record it was a complete lie. Additionally, Affleck's spokesperson called the story "crazy." There should be no question now that the magazine's article was nothing more than a work of fiction. We reached out to Star for a comment, but while its seemingly phony sources are readily available for quotes, no one responded to our question about why the outlet never acknowledged its undeniably wrong tale.

Fast forward nine months: Affleck didn't have any babies with either Shookus, with whom he recently rekindled a romance after having broken up in August 2018, nor with Garner, who he officially divorced in November before she started dating Cali Group CEO John Miller. The tabloid hasn't gotten any better or more reliable since Gossip Cop debunked its article about Garner and Shookus being pregnant with Affleck's babies. For instance, just a month ago the magazine outrageously insisted Affleck asked Garner to marry him again. In that manufactured piece, a questionable "source" contended the actress was thinking about it, and "no one would be surprised if they gave it another go."

Also, Gossip Cop busted the same tabloid when it swore up and down just days after Garner divorced Affleck that she was getting married to her new boyfriend. In that concocted tale, yet another possibly fictitious "source" claimed Garner and Miller were tying the knot "around the holidays," and Affleck was "happy for Jen." Obviously, that never happened either. The truth, for which that publication appears to have little regard, is that the only thing being birthed is one lie after another by Star.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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