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Whoever Ben Affleck dates is bound to illicit tabloid interest, but his romance with Hollywood's hottest new It Girl Ana de Armas has been driving the supermarket magazine racks into a frenzy. The two first met on the set of Deep Water, though their relationship didn't become official until earlier this year.

Even before the two became official, tabloids zeroed in on the Deep Water co-stars with allegations that the two were secretly dating. A report from Woman's Day claimed that Affleck and de Armas went "on a string of secret dates" in August 2019. The supposed tipster who spoke to the outlet said that Affleck "can't wait to start filming so he has an excuse to spend 12 hours a day with Ana." Gossip Cop found some contradictory evidence, however.

Ana de Armas wearing a white gown on the red carpet

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Jennifer Garner's Supposed Reaction

By March 2020, it was clear that the tabloid speculation had the gist of things right, but they pulled the trigger much too early. Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck's ex-wife, has her own opinion about his new romance, if the tabloids are to be believed.

Heat reported that the Alias actress was furious her ex was dating Ana de Armas. A source told the publication that Garner felt "used" by Affleck once news broke of his new relationship. "She feels completely used by Ben in order to repair his image and promote his movie [The Way Back]," snitched the alleged source. "While he was giving all these interviews, saying how much he regretted hurting her, he was having fun with Ana." Gossip Cop didn't believe this untrustworthy source for a moment and easily debunked this tall tale.

Garner was also alleged to have forbidden Ben Affleck from introducing the former couple's three children to Ana de Armas. Life & Style claimed that Affleck asked Garner's permission to arrange a meeting, but Garner refused. A supposed tipster told the outlet, "There's a possibility that if Jen doesn't give in, Ben will introduce the kids to Ana and 'accidentally forget' to mention it." That didn't ring true to Gossip Cop, so we looked into the rumor and found out what was really going on.

Jennifer Garner in a plum dress walking with Ben Affleck, who's wearing a black tux, outside of the Oscars

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In Touch echoed that report, arguing that Garner didn't want Affleck introducing their children to de Armas. "Jen doesn't want to disrupt things by allowing different women to come in and out of their lives," tattled a source. Having already busted this incorrect narrative, Gossip Cop experienced zero difficulties proving this recycled tale wrong.

Life & Style isn't afraid to get things wrong, which is probably why the outlet reported that Jennifer Garner told Ben Affleck that Ana de Armas was using him for fame. "Jen just wants the best for Ben," an alleged source insisted, "and her gut is telling her that Ana is using him to make herself more famous." Gossip Cop found this claim to be undeniably false for too many reasons to list here, though we delved into the evidence in the original article.

Pregnancy and Babies for Ana de Armas

Now that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were official, the tabloids decided it was time for the pregnancy rumors to start up. According to a dubious source who spoke to NW, the No Time To Die actress was sporting an "obvious" baby bump during her Costa Rica trip with Affleck. "Sure a baby would be fast, but these two have seriously fallen hard for each other," the unnamed source said. Gossip Cop had something up our sleeve that unraveled the entire story.

That outlet's lies continued the next week when it reported that not only was de Armas pregnant, but she and Affleck were house hunting together. "No one can believe he's already house hunting with Ana," said a so-called "insider." "It pretty much confirms the pregnancy talk at this point," added the suspicious source. Another outlandish story that was no struggle for Gossip Cop to debunk.

Ben Affleck's Potential Heartbreak and Relapse

Because of Ben Affleck's history with alcoholism, the tabloids also love to claim that his relationship with Ana de Armas will lead to his relapse. Most outlets, like the often discredited National Enquirer, hide behind so-called "pals" of Affleck claiming that they feared the actor would relapse during his romance with de Armas. "He really shouldn't be committing to any relationship until he's got at least a year of sobriety under his belt — at least not in the eyes of his sponsors and other friends in recovery," a suspicious source explained. Gossip Cop had no choice but to go straight to our big guns to debunk this stinker.

Ben Affleck wearing a dark suit on the red carpet

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More "friends" of Affleck supposedly spoke to In Touch about their fears the actor would relapse if Ana de Armas broke his heart. "If Ana breaks Ben's heart, friends are worried he could spiral again and end up back in rehab," said the outlet's source, who also mentioned that there were worries Affleck was moving too fast into the relationship. Gossip Cop found several pieces of evidence that directly proved this false narrative wrong.

Trouble in Paradise for Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas?

No celebrity romance is complete without tabloid accusations of the lovebirds fighting. National Enquirer reported in April of 2020 that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were already fighting. A "spy" for the outlet alleged that the two had their "first big blowout" while they were taking a walk. "They traded some very sharp words, and the rest of their time together was extremely icy." The article came up with further conspiracy theories about the couple's future, which only gave Gossip Cop the ammunition we needed to bust this fanciful tale.

That same outlet followed up the next week by reporting that Affleck and de Armas had "kissed and made up" after the alleged fight. The outlet referred to the so-called reconciliation as a "startling turnaround," clearly just trying to cover their tracks. Gossip Cop didn't hold back on calling this publication out for their dirty dealing.

Ana de Armas in a red dress at the Campari Red Diaries 2019 premiere event

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Overhyping the Love Story

Some tabloids, perhaps sensing that it's difficult to claim there's trouble in paradise with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas looking so happy with each other out in public, have taken to making up outlandish tales about how well the relationship is going. Star wrongly reported that Ben Affleck was showering Ana de Armas with expensive gifts, like a new sports car, for her birthday. A supposed tipster for the outlet claimed that Affleck had already "spent thousands on jewelry and designer clothes" for the Knives Out actress. Gossip Cop reached out to a trusted source, who gave us the information we needed to take down this blatantly false article.

That same publication also reported that Affleck and de Armas had been going on double dates with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. "They've met up for dinner a few times and the four of them have really hit it off," an unknown source told the outlet. "Gisele adores Ana, and they ramble on in Spanish while Ben talks sports with Tom." Gossip Cop discovered a slew of information that proved this story was totally false.

Since this romance between Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck is still developing, there's bound to be more false stories appearing in the tabloids about the two's relationship. Gossip Cop will be on hand to bust those bad players and their phony stories whenever the opportunity arises.


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