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Two-time Oscar-winner Ben Affleck and Knives Out star Ana De Armas are approaching their anniversary. One tabloid believes a wedding is on the horizon, so Gossip Cop looked into it. Here’s what we found.

‘A Wedding & Baby For Ben!’

According to New Idea, the Gigli star is “reportedly engaged” to de Armas and is “also expecting their first together.” De Armas was “recently seen with a diamond ring on her wedding finger,” and the tabloid has the photo to back that up. “Ben proposed on the anniversary of their first date,” a source tells the tabloid, and “of course she said yes.”

However, one week ago, this same exact tabloid published the opposite of this story. It said de Armas had actually dumped him and this “sparked an ‘inconsolable’ Ben to stop eating.” That incompatible story said the No Time To Die star broke up with Affleck because “he wasn’t ‘good optics for the Bond franchise’ and not welcome on the red carpet.” That story included the hurtful caption, “Ben appears to be wasting away.”

In the span of a week, Affleck has apparently gone from apparently starving himself to death to expecting a baby with his fiance. We already busted that anecdote about the Bond franchise, so this story seems preposterous as well. This utter lack of continuity is giving Gossip Cop whiplash. New Idea simply can’t have it both ways.

Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Are Not Engaged

Both of these stories are bogus. Ana de Armas was photographed wearing a ring on her wedding finger, but that’s a ring she's had for years. Tabloids bring it up whenever they run a bogus engagement story like this. If an engagement happens, then you can expect some official statement to come from the couple.

De Armas and Affleck haven’t broken up though. The two were out walking the dogs a few days ago. In this casual setting Armas was not wearing any rings, which tells you they’re really more for fashion than a proper wedding ring or anything like that. There was also no “telltale bump” anywhere either.

Other Tabloid Trouble

This tabloid clearly publishes whatever stories it can think of and has no legitimate insight into Affleck’s personal life. Gossip Cop previously busted this tabloid when it claimed Affleck was livid because Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner had started dating. They hadn’t, but Affleck is friends with Cooper, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

As far as made-up pregnancies go, this tabloid said that Kate Middleton was pregnant back in May. If you’ve seen a recent photo of her, then you’ll know she’s not seven months pregnant. We also busted its sister publication Woman’s Day for saying that de Armas was pregnant in June when she simply wasn’t. Regardless of whether it's gossip about pregnancies or proposals, the outlet has no insight into either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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