Bello Nock “America’s Got Talent” Video: Daredevil Shot Out Of Cannon Over Helicopter – WATCH!

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Bello Nock AGT Video

By Shari Weiss |

Bello Nock AGT Video


Daredevil Bello Nock was shot out of a cannon and over a helicopter during the “America’s Got Talent” Judge Cuts on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

Nock is a circus performer and already has a considerable amount of fame. But when he auditioned atop a 37-foot sway pole, Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed. In fact, not only did he find the performance corny, but he also said it was just something little kids would enjoy. In actuality, it was really dangerous for the 47-year-old stunt artist.

Now reflecting back on that moment, Nock admitted, “When I got a ‘no’ from Simon, I was like stunned, and then I realized, no way, I can’t let this happen.” And so, as viewers saw then, he told the mogul, “If you want to see me get shot out of cannon over a helicopter, I’ll do it.” Cowell gave his blessing. “And then reality set in,” Nock now told the camera. “It’s no laughing matter. I’m actually going to do the most dangerous thing I’ve done in my whole life.” He added, “I’ll do anything to get to the live shows, and I gotta believe this stunt will get me there.”

When Cowell was reminded that he urged this new challenge, he deflected, insisting, “Hang on a minute. I’m not taking responsibility. I didn’t ask you to do this.” Still, Nock planned to be shot out of a cannon and over a helicopter with its propellers going to land on a bullseye. He claimed to the judges, “48 people have tried human cannon-balling. Half of them have been successful.” He further alleged that even those who did survive were left with serious injury.

Cowell said, “I think we should just get on with it because I’m feeling anxious.” Host Tyra Banks pointed out, “We have an ambulance waiting here just in case something doesn’t go as planned.” And Howie Mandel noted the propellers could “take off a head in a second.” But as everyone watched with baited breath, Nock pulled it off, and seemingly without injury.

But when Banks marveled over how he flipped on to the landing pad, he admitted, “That was a little unintentional. I think I focused on the blades and I shouldn’t have. I should’ve focused on the landing.” Still, he landed where he needed to, and Cowell and Heidi Klum both gave a standing ovation when Nock returned to the stage for feedback. Guest judge Laverne Cox spoke first, saying, “It was death-defying. You literally risked your life. I can’t say that I enjoyed it because I was so scared, but congratulations.”

Klum told Nock, “You are a daredevil on steroids. I was sick to my stomach. You have to go to the live shows.” And Cowell gave props, saying, “You actually did walk the walk. So for that, you have my utmost respect.” The daredevil responded, “Thank you for challenging me.” And when the judge asked what Nock would do next, he hilariously responded, “Let’s both get shot out of the cannons!” But there won’t be an opportunity for that. At the end of the show, it was revealed Nock didn’t make it through the brutal “AGT” Judge Cuts. Still, watch the video below to see how far he was willing to go.

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