Bella Thorne: Women Are Labeled Either Ho, Prude Or Lesbian

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bella thorne cosmopolitan february 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

bella thorne cosmopolitan february 2015

(Cosmopolitan/Dan Monick)

Bella Thorne sounds off on sexist double standards and how no matter what she does, as a woman she will be labeled either a ho, a prude or a lesbian. Thorne further tells Cosmopolitan that she doesn’t understand why some women choose to bash other females.

Thorne feels it’s impossible to please everyone, especially on social media. “If a girl wears a bathing suit, she is a ho and is body-shamed,” she says in the magazine’s February issue. “If you don’t show your body, you’re a prude. You take pictures with a guy and you’re a ho; you take pictures with a girlfriend and you’re a lesbian.” She continues, “I don’t understand how girls can sit there and pick one another apart. My friends and I don’t do that. Even if I’m not having a good day, my friends are always like, ‘But babe, your style is impeccable. I love your shoes.’ No matter what, we always pick out the good things.”

Thorne says that she thinks a lot of women feel pressured to look and act perfect. “It’s unfair because guys don’t,” she notes. “Guys can have acne scars and be overweight or rude. If a girl is the least bit sarcastic or she speaks out about something, she’s a b*tch. It’s completely messed up.”

The actress advises women to stop comparing themselves to one another. “Do not stalk [the women] who [guys are] following on Instagram, thinking, ‘She has this. Maybe he likes that?’ That’ll just kill you,” she says. “Take it from a girl who never had boobs. Every woman in my family has huge boobs. And the girls in [my boyfriend’s] school — I don’t know what’s in their food, but all their boobs are legit huge. I was always flat-chested, and that really gave me a complex growing up. Once I stopped stressing about them, they grew.” Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Thorne’s photo shoot below, and tell us what you think of her comments!


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