Bella Hadid “Worried About Being Rebound Romance” For The Weeknd Is Made-Up Story

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Bella Hadid The Weeknd Rebound

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Bella Hadid The Weeknd Rebound

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A story claiming Bella Hadid is “worried” about being a “rebound romance” for The Weeknd was made up. No one legitimately close to the model would share such intimate, private feelings with an untrustworthy blog that previously claimed she was dating Drake. Gossip Cop can expose this apparent fabrication.

According to HollywoodLife, Hadid and The Weeknd “may be getting ready to officially reignite the spark they once had, but it turns out Bella’s worried she’ll be nothing more than a rebound!” To give the false appearance that this is a genuinely authentic report, the webloid purports to have a “source close to the model,” but this supposed snitch starts out by repeating the made-up claim about The Weeknd sending Hadid flowers before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last week. No reliable outlet has confirmed that unsubstantiated contention, and regurgitating it now doesn’t make it true.

On the contrary, it just calls into question the rest of this alleged “exclusive,” in which the site’s tipster asserts, “He’s saying and doing all the right things right now, but Bella is still really cautious of him. She wants to make sure that his intentions are good, and that he’s not just trying to get with her as some kind of rebound romance. Bella has never stopped loving Abel, but he really, really hurt her before, and she doesn’t want to ever feel like that again.”

But why would someone genuinely close to Hadid betray her trust by sharing such feelings of insecurity and concern with a publication that’s known as HollywoodLies? There’s nothing for the rising star to gain by having her intimate thoughts leaked to the world. The blog, however, is trying to gain traffic by appearing to have inside access. But just last month, the webloid was claiming Hadid was “secretly dating” Drake, with whom she was supposedly having “hot & heavy hookups.” The site maintained their alleged romance was “getting more serious by the day.”

That wasn’t the least bit true, but now HollywoodLies wants readers to believe it has real details about Hadid and The Weeknd. There’s just no credible evidence that the outlet has verified insight on her dating life. As was recently reported, Hadid and The Weeknd are not back together. But whether they do or don’t end up officially reuniting, this publication seems to be favoring creative writing over validated reporting.