Bella Hadid “Bothered” By The Weeknd, Katy Perry Dinner Is Made-Up Story

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Bella Hadid Reaction The Weeknd Katy Perry

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Bella Hadid Reaction The Weeknd Katy Perry

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A certain webloid is claiming to know Bella Hadid’s reaction to The Weeknd having dinner with Katy Perry, insisting she was “bothered.” But this is a made-up story from a site that’s already proven to be clueless on the topic. Gossip Cop can expose this fabrication.

As Gossip Cop reported, HollywoodLife wrongly speculated on Tuesday that The Weeknd and Perry were dating simply because they dined out together. In actuality, they shared a meal to discuss a music collaboration and were joined by associates. The blog would’ve known this if it actually had real sources. Now the outlet is trying to further capitalize on the innocent dinner by purporting to “EXCLUSIVELY” know how Hadid is “dealing” with The Weeknd’s “Katy rendezvous.”

Oddly, though, after asserting in the headline (“Bella Hadid ‘Bothered’ By The Weeknd & Katy Perry Having Dinner Together — Was It Romantic?”) that Hadid was “bothered,” the online publication’s so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Bella has no problem with The Weeknd meeting with Katy for dinner.” And in a clear sign that these quotes were manufactured, the supposed snitch switches from calling the Canadian performer “The Weeknd” to “Abel,” asserting, “Bella and Abel talk often and she is hoping his meeting with Katy was mostly business, at least that is what Abel told Bella was going on.”

Then the “source” flips back to the original premise, contending,” Bella would be a little bothered and surprised if it turns out that Abel is chasing Katy romantically.” The webloid, however, adds, “We reported earlier how The Weeknd surprised Bella before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with a ‘gorgeous’ bouquet of flowers, so it’s unlikely he’s trying to date anyone else but Bella right now.” First off, as Gossip Cop previously pointed out, the story about The Weeknd sending Hadid flowers was also made up. Second, if it’s “unlikely he’s trying to date anyone else,” why did HollywoodLies, as its known, initially “wonder” if The Weeknd and Perry were the “hottest new couple in Hollywood”?

The site can’t keep its narratives straight. It is so desperate to appear in-the-know that it ends up proving that it isn’t in-the-know at all. But it’s quite apparent the blog wants to exploit The Weeknd and Perry’s dinner, so we expect additional fictional takes to come, including the classic style in which HollywoodLies pretends it “exclusively learned” the truth and that the singers are just friends so Hadid has nothing to worry about.