Bella Hadid NOT Dating Jordan Clarkson, Despite Claim

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Bella Hadid Jordan Clarkson Dating

By Shari Weiss |

Bella Hadid Jordan Clarkson Dating

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Bella Hadid is not dating Jordan Clarkson, contrary to a claim from an incompetent webloid. Gossip Cop can set the record straight, and quite easily, too.

The facts-challenged MediaTakeOut is blaring in a headline on Saturday, “HE SMASHED THE HOMIE!!! Kendall Jenner’s Former NBA Boyfriend… Is Now Dating… Her BEST FRIEND BELLA HADID!!!” The accompanying article notes Jenner used to be linked to Clarkson. However, the site asserts, “But now he’s dating Kendall’s BFF Bella.”

There’s just one pretty significant problem. MediaFakeOut’s story is about the wrong Bella. Clarkson was photographed out this week with Bella THORNE, not Bella HADID. The site posted the pictures of Clarkson and Thorne, yet completely misidentified her. The two Bellas don’t even look alike or work in the same part of the entertainment industry. And Thorne is not “Kendall’s BFF.”

Gossip Cop can give MTO credit for correctly identifying Clarkson and knowing his past with Jenner, as well as for knowing Jenner runs in the same circle as Hadid. But the inept outlet went with a totally false premise, given that it’s Thorne with whom Clarkson is spending time, not Jenner’s “best friend.” While confusing the two Bellas may seem like a simple mistake, it’s emblematic of the larger problem with MediaFakeOut.

The webloid frequently bases its articles off photos, choosing not to do any additional research or investigating. Consequently, the conclusions the online publication jumps to are often inaccurate. And in some cases, the assumptions are actually offensive. We all saw that this week when Beyonce’s rep slammed MediaTakeOut in a statement exclusive to Gossip Cop, after the bad blog judged the superstar’s appearance in new pictures, and falsely claimed she got lip injections while pregnant.

While the case of mistaken identity here may seem silly in comparison, it’s further evidence that MediaTakeOut is not a credible news source. And silly or not, fake news is fake news, and that’s what we have here.

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