Bella Hadid And Drake’s “Hot & Heavy Hookups” Made Up

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Bella Hadid Drake Hooking Up

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Bella Hadid Drake Hooking Up

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A report about Bella Hadid and Drake’s “hot & heavy hookups” was 100 percent made up. The two stars are not dating and no one close to them is dishing about a non-existent relationship. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story.

In the wake of the rapper attending the model’s birthday party, HollywoodLife is blaring in a headline, “Bella Hadid & Drake’s ‘Hot & Heavy Hookups’ — Their Chemistry Is Off The Charts.” Like schoolgirls gossiping in the gym, the webloid exclaims, “OMG! We’re hearing that Bella Hadid’s rumored relationship with Drake is really heating up! But is it getting serious? Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!”

A so-called “source close to Drake” is quoted as saying, “Bella and Drake are hooking up, but they’re not at the stage where they’re dating exclusively. They both want to keep their relationship on the down-low and maintain the appearance of ‘just friends,’ while they decide if they want to get serious or not.” That, of course, is a convenient explanation for why they’ve given no suggestion that they’re a couple. But here’s the real reason they aren’t publicly coupling up: Nothing is actually going on between them.

Still, this supposed snitch drones on about how “they’re insanely attracted to each other,” and HollywoodLies even declares, “Whoa! These two sound crazy about each other!” Sure, they do sound “crazy about each other,” but only according to this “source,” whom Gossip Cop is assured is fictional. The outlet actually gives itself away later in the article, by saying Drake “reportedly threw” Hadid’s birthday party. If the site actually had a “source,” it would’ve been able to confirm or debunk whether or not he actually did pay for the bash.

Well, Gossip Cop has lots of sources, and we’ve exclusively learned he didn’t. He went to the shindig as a guest, nothing more, just like other guys did. And here’s the kicker: HollywoodLies ends by asking readers, “What do YOU think? Are these two really getting hot and heavy or no?” Um, didn’t the webloid declare in its headline that they’re “hot & heavy” and then go on to claim they’re hooking up? Now it’s up for debate? There’s only one byline on this tale but the way it’s written is so illogical, you’d think it was cobbled together by multiple out-of-touch people. Regardless, the contentions are wholly fabricated. No “source” close to Drake is talking about “hookups” with Hadid, period.