Behati Prinsloo “Worried” Adam Levine Will Cheat?

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Behati Prinsloo Worried Adam Levine Cheat

By Shari Weiss |

Behati Prinsloo Worried Adam Levine Cheat

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Behati Prinsloo is NOT “worried” Adam Levine will cheat on her, despite a report falsely claiming their marriage is “in turmoil.” Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was revealed last week that Prinsloo and Levine are expecting their first child. But according to OK!, “the two may not last despite the baby news.” And the outlet suggests infidelity on the singer’s part could be the reason why.

To back up its speculation, the tabloid points to a whole lot of… nothing. OK! regurgitates the claim that “there was some sexual tension behind the scenes of Adam’s show ‘The Voice'” with contestant Amy Vachal, something Gossip Cop has already busted. Bizarrely, there’s then mention of a supposed fling Levine had with Jessica Simpson 10 years ago. And after naming other women he’s been linked to by the rumor mill, the magazine declares, “Adam’s a player!”

“Once a player, always a player?” asks the outlet. And yet the gossip rag never once explains why Levine and Prinsloo’s union is supposedly “in turmoil.” Instead, it asks readers, “Do you think Behati should be concerned about Adam’s worrisome ways with the ladies?”

Gossip Cop is more concerned with this blatant sensationalism. One needn’t look further than the story’s headline to realize OK!‘s real goal: “Watch Out! Find Out Why Behati Prinsloo Should Be Worried About Having Adam Levine’s Child In Six Clicks!” In other words, the tabloid used the baby news as an excuse to create a photo gallery and score traffic, and cobbled together a potential cheating angle to make it dramatic.

That’s not journalism. It’s click-bait. And even worse, it’s inaccurate click-bait. Gossip Cop is assured Prinsloo is confident in her marriage, and in Levine’s commitment to her and their baby. To suggest otherwise is simply unfounded.

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Behati Prinsloo is worried Adam Levine will cheat on her.


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