“Battle Of The Network Stars” Recap: White House Vs. Lawyers

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Battle Network Stars Recap July 13 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Battle Network Stars Recap July 13 2017


Thursday’s new episode of “Battle Of The Network Stars” was all about the White House versus Lawyers. But this had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Get the full recap below!

Last week, Team Sex Symbols beat Team Variety, as Gossip Cop reported. Now for the third installment of the revived reality competition, stars from shows about the White House and actors who play lawyers were recruited to face off. DeMarcus Ware coached Team TV White House with Cornelius Smith Jr., Marlee Matlin, Joshua Malina, LaMonica Garrett and Mary McCormack. And Ronda Rousey led Team TV Lawyers with Elisabeth Rohm, Corbin Bernsen, Matt McGorry, Romi Dias and Catherine Bell.

As always, the tournament began with the relay race. A cocky Smith easily finished the race first, scoring the first point for the White House. He then got a rude awakening, however, when he lost to Bernsen in basketball, which tied the score. For the swimming relay, McCormack and Garrett beat Rohm and Bernsen, changing the score to 2-1 White House.

The kayak relay featured Malina and McCormack against McGorry and Dias. Both women struggled with the steering, but Team White House managed to win again, upping the standings to 3-1. But with Dias topping Matlin in soccer, it became 3-2. And since only the Lawyers prevailed in sinking opposing team mates in the dunk tank, the score tied again at 3-3. Hilariously, Smith failed against Bernsen again, although Bernsen was also unable to strike the target, too.

Meanwhile, McCormack beat McGorry in tennis, Malina won in archery over Bell, and LaMonica topped Rohm in golf. White House then had the lead of 6-3. But with the obstacle course, 10 points were up for grabs: Five for the women’s heat and five for the men’s heat. Bell defeated Matlin for the Lawyers, which gave them an 8-6 lead. And then it was a “Shondaland showdown” with “How To Get Away With Murder” star McGorry and Malina of “Scandal.” Despite the 20-years-older Malina having the lead early on, McGorry made it a sweep for the Lawyers.

That made it 13-6 Lawyers going into the last event, the tug of war. But with another 10 points at stake, it was either team’s game. And the White House not only took the match, but the entire competition, 16-13! Next week, it’ll be Primetime Soaps versus ABC Stars.

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