“Battle Of The Network Stars” Recap: Variety Vs. TV Sex Symbols

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Battle Network Stars Recap July 6 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Battle Network Stars Recap July 6 2017


On the second episode of “Battle Of The Network Stars,” Team Variety faced off against Team TV Sex Symbols. Gossip Cop has a full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the revival of “Battle Of The Network Stars” premiered last week. Just like on the original hit series, the reality show brings together beloved television stars past and present to compete in a number of physical challenges. On the reboot’s first installment, it was Sitcoms Vs. TV Kids with the Sitcom stars taking the win.

Now on Tuesday’s new episode, Joanna Krupa, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Gilles Marini and Jack Osbourne were on Team Variety with coach Demarcus Ware. Opposing coach Ronda Rousey led Team TV Sex Symbols with Keegan Allen, Traci Bingham, Rosa Blasi, Brant Daugherty and Galen Gering. Their first task: A relay race!

With Marini, who served in the French army, crossing the finish line first, Variety won the point. The aquatics portion started with the swim relay. Blasi and Allen easily won it for Sex Symbols, tying the score. For the kayak relay, the Lacheys competed against Gering and Bingham. Vanessa got a massive lead as Bingham struggled to get in the kayak. The “Baywatch” star hadn’t even mastered the turn when Vanessa scored the win, giving Variety a 2-1 edge.

Bingham redeemed herself in basketball, with underhand throwing no less, while Gilles excelled in the soccer match. That upped the standings to 3-2 Variety. As expected, the fan-favorite dunk tank provided many laughs. Five times higher than the one on the original series, Ware amusingly told the bulked-up Daughtry, “Muscles, you’re going down.” Sure enough, Gilles dunked him.

“Holy f*ck, this is high,” Krupa exclaimed as she took the seat. And it was a long fall. While Osbourne missed on his three chances to submerge Blasi, Allen sunk Nick on his first throw, which tied the score 4-4. “I just wanted Nick to feel the 98-degree water,” the “Pretty Little Liars” star quipped. After the tennis, archery and golf activities, Sex Symbols led 6-5.

The obstacle course followed, with Blasi and Vanessa going head to head. It was pretty even until the Mrs. Lachey stumbled on the cargo net, giving Balsi and Sex Symbols five points for an even larger lead of 11 to 5. For the men, Osbourne, who has MS, went up against Allen. They were neck and neck until the very end, with Osbourne just edging out the actor. That made it 11-10 Sex Symbols before the final event: Tug of war.

Worth 10 points and featuring every player, the classic rope pull would decide which team ultimately came out on top. And Sex Symbols won! The final score was 21 to 10. Next week, it’s TV Lawyers versus White House Stars!

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