“Battle Of The Network Stars” Recap: TV Moms & Dads Vs. TV Kids

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Battle Network Stars Recap August 3 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Battle Network Stars Recap August 3 2017


Thursday’s new “Battle Of The Network Stars” brought together fictional TV parents and kids, and, of course, the actors who played them. Get the full recap for TV Moms & Dads vs. TV Kids below, and find out who won!

As Gossip Cop reported, last week’s “Battle Of The Network Stars” was all about actors who portrayed cops versus the stars of television sitcoms. And while, based on the title, it would seem like tonight’s new installment would be pitting older celebrities against younger ones, that wasn’t actually the case. One needn’t be a current TV kid to participate, so those who played beloved television children decades ago were on hand to make sure the group had a range of ages.

DeMarcus Ware was in charge of Team TV Moms & Dads, which featured Chad Lowe, Greg Evigan, Ted McGinley, Lesley Fera and Jackee Harry. Ronda Rousey led Team TV Kids, which included Jimmie Walker, Mackenzie Phillips, Jonathan Lipnicki, Krista Marie Yu and Jeremy Miller. Lowe and Fera just wrapped up being co-stars on “Pretty Little Liars,” though they played parents to different characters, and two of their co-stars competed earlier this season on Team Sex Symbols. Meanwhile Evigan, McGinley, Walker and Phillips were all repeat competitors, having participated in the original reality series when it aired years ago. Walker, who appeared on the show in 1976, quipped, “I’m the only one who can still walk who’s here from 35 years ago.”

The first challenge, as always, was the running relay. Phillips, who ran the race 41 years ago, didn’t get off to the fastest start, but the Kids ended up with a massive lead and Lipnicki won it. Not only did the Moms & Dads lose the point, but McGinley was left with an injury after pulling his Achilles. And when Lowe missed every single shot in basketball, Walker just had to nail one to make the score 2-0.

For the swimming relay, Phillips, who won this race against Lynda Carter back in the day, now faced off with Fera. They were stroke for stroke for a while, but then in came the injured McGinley, who scored the win over Lipnicki. Finally, the Moms & Dads were on the scoreboard. The kayak relay followed, an event Evigan excelled in in 1979. He teamed up with Fera, while Miller and Yu partnered on the opposing side. Fera blew Evigan’s lead when she struggled to get in the kayak and then failed to steer straight. But Yu had steering problems, too, and Fera ended up pulling out the win to tie the score 2-2. In soccer, Yu and Harry had to do a sudden death shoot-out, and the “Dr. Ken” actress redeemed herself, giving the lead back to the Kids, 3-2.

Though initially resistant, Walker walked the plank to sit at the top of the dunk tank, which was significantly higher than it was in the 1970s. Lowe wanted “payback” for his basketball loss, and sunk his rival on the second throw. Miller then got revenge on Walker’s behalf by sinking Lowe. Still limping, McGinley was willing to be dunked, too, and Ware bet Lipnicki five bucks he wouldn’t hit the target. The money went to the former child star and McGinley went into the pool. But Harry failed to sink Phillips. With those points factored in, the score stood 5-3 Kids.

In the tennis match, Fera came prepared with her own racquet, but Miller not only won, he also tied the season record. The “Growing Pains” star only told her afterwards that he used to go to tennis camp on that very court every summer. In archery, Evigan got the season high and topped Miller. But in golf, the “My Two Dads” actor lost to Lipnicki. Those events changed the score to 7-4 going into the obstacle course, for which 10 points were up for grabs.

Rousey and Yu had an emotional talk before she took on the challenge against Fera. A former figure skater, Yu scored the five points for the Kids. Now on crutches, McGinley wanted to give it a shot during the men’s heat, but the role went to Lowe, who had wanted to have his try for years. He was competing against Miller, who dedicated his turn to late co-star Alan Thicke, wanting to “kick a TV dad’s butt in your honor.”

The Moms & Dads desperately needed the win, though, and Lowe earned it, giving his team a fighting chance to win the day. Ahead of the final task, Kids led 12-9. So, who mastered the tug of war, worth 10 points, and received the ultimate victory? Team Moms & Dad, winning 19-12 in a huge upset! It’s a bye week next Thursday, but the show will return later this month with Cops vs. Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

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