“Battle Of The Network Stars” Recap: Doctors Vs. Famous TV Families

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Battle Network Stars Recap September 7 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Battle Network Stars Recap September 7 2017

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On Thursday’s penultimate “Battle of the Network Stars,” celebrities who play doctors on television competed against actors from famous TV families. Find out who won below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, this summer ABC revived “Battle of the Network Stars,” which originally aired on the network in the 1970s and 1980s. The reality show featured beloved TV stars from different networks facing off in a number of athletic challenges. The episodes usually always showcased the amusing dunk tank and the multi-stage obstacle course. Up for grabs were victory medals and bragging rights. The reboot has pretty much the exact same format and rewards, and some of the participants are even veterans from the original version.

For the second-to-last installment, the focus was on Team Doctors and Team Famous TV Families. The former, coached by Ronda Rousey, featured Thomas Calabro, Taye Diggs, Rachelle Lefevre, Deidre Hall and Benjamin Hollingsworth. The latter group, led by DeMarcus Ware, included Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Beverley Mitchell, Willie Aames and Charlene Tilton. Hall, Ames and Tilton were all return competitors. And, as always, the day of events began with the relay race.

Host Mike Greenberg warned the track was slick due to rain, and, channeling his devious “Melrose Place” character, Calabro actually suggested pushing opposing runners off course. Fortunately, he and his team mates didn’t need to sabotage anyone, as they easily won the match with Taye Diggs crossing the finish line with plenty of time to spare. He then took on Tilton in the basketball game, and won without issue again. That gave the Doctors a quick 2-0 lead. The “Dallas” actress also amusingly admitted to having a crush on the actor. Calabro then vowed to take Williams “down so hard” in tennis, and “The Brady Bunch Star” was indeed outplayed. Team Doctors extended their score to 3-0.

For the swim relay, Mitchell and Williams were up against Lefevre and Hollingsworth, with the Doctors once again getting the point. The kayak relay followed, with Ames and Mitchell racing Calabro and Hall. Unfortunately, the “7th Heaven” star struggled so much with her turn around the buoy, the Doctors scored another big win, making it 5-0. Mitchell even gave up in the middle of the pool, purposefully falling out. The dunk tank capped off the trio of aquatic events. Calabro continued to show the egotistical attitude he started the competition with, trash-talking Bonaduce, yet only sinking him on his third attempt. Tilton faced off with the hunky Diggs again, but couldn’t get him wet as he tried to distract her with flirtatious, suggestive comments. On her bonus throw, however, she finally hit the target, although it didn’t count towards the score. Diggs then became the thrower, dunking a trash-dunking Ames on his first try. And since Williams’ aim couldn’t sink Hollingsworth, the score increased to an incredible 7-0.

In archery, however, the Families finally got on the scoreboard when Ames beat Hall. The comeback continued in golf, with Mitchell out-swinging Hollingsworth. With soccer, there was a “battle of the redheads” with Lefevre and Bonaduce, and the latter got the point. The standings were now 7-3, and the obstacle course could’ve been a game-changer with 10 overall points at stake. In the women’s heat, it was Lefevre versus Mitchell, and the Twilight star won it, upping the Doctors’ score to 12-3. Before the men’s heat, Calabro told Bonaduce, “Good luck. And by that I mean, lose.” The cocky actor then stumbled through the tires, but ultimately got the win, making the score 17-3, the biggest lead of the season.

That was problematic for the Families going into the final task, the tug of war. So, how could they have a chance of winning it? They started from a farther starting point for the chance of winning 15 points, instead of the normal 10, to win the challenge and the day. Ames noted that the tug of war is usually the “defining moment,” and recalled Scott Baio screaming in his ear as he pulled the rope back in the day. But now he and his colleagues couldn’t make up the deficit, and Team TV Doctors had a massive win of 32-3, the biggest margin of the season. Click to find out what happened on the “Battle of the Network Stars” finale!

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