“Battle Of The Network Stars” Recap: Cops Vs. TV Sitcoms

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Battle Network Stars Recap July 27 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Battle Network Stars Recap July 27 2017


Thursday’s “Battle Of The Network Stars” featured actors who have played cops on television competing against the stars of TV sitcoms. Get the full recap and find out who won below!

As Gossip Cop reported, last week’s “Battle Of The Network Stars” showcased actors from primetime soaps facing off with the stars of ABC shows. The episode brought together returning contestants from the original series, on-screen reunions for former cast mates, and a bit of drama with bad attitudes and medical emergencies. How would tonight’s installment measure up?

Demarcus Ware was the coach for Team Cops, which included Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Kelly Hu, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and Lorenzo Lamas. Ronda Rousey was in charge of leading Team TV Sitcoms, with Todd Bridges, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Dave Foley, Willie Garson and Jenna von Oy in the group. Wilcox, Lamas and Bridges all competed on the show back in the day. This time around they were older, but not necessarily better. It was also a reunion for “CHiPs” co-stars Estrada and Wilcox, and Hu and O’Keefe both starred on “Nash Bridges.”

The competition kicked off with the relay race, where four-timer Wilcox, who was called a “legend,” was ready to run with his former TV partner Estrada. Foley quickly took the lead over Estrada, but team mate Baker fell as they did the baton exchange. That led Wilcox to make up serious ground. O’Keefe then lost that lead to Garson, who surprised everyone by winning it for the Sitcom Stars.

Next was the aquatic events, where there was a “developing situation of the most ridiculous kind.” Estrada did not want to get his hair wet. He sat out of the swimming relay, in which Hu and Lamas competed against von Oy and Bridges. Lamas easily won it for the Cops, just as he did for his team when he originally appeared on the show in 1988. That tied the score 1 to 1.

Estrada’s hair concerns came into play with the kayak relay, and he was again against Foley, who was again paired up with Baker, despite their poor partner work in the relay race. They had a much smoother exchange this time, while Estrada got dunked as he tried to pass off the kayak to O’Keefe. There was no catching Baker, and the score became 2-1 Sitcom Stars. Meanwhile, von Oy and Hu initially tied in soccer, leading to a shoot-out that extended the Sitcom lead to 3-2. And in basketball, Foley proved dominant again, this time against Wilcox. That increased the lead to 4 versus 2.

Back in the pool, Estrada sunk Garson in the dunk tank, leading to a “wet Willie” joke, and Bridges dunked O’Keefe on his first try. Baker, cracking that her arms were sore from beating Estrada in the kayak relay, failed to sink Lamas, and Wilcox failed to get revenge on Foley. That was a split victory for the teams, giving each one point. The new standing was 5-2 Sitcom Stars.

In tennis, Estrada and Garson faced off again, with the latter topping the former. Shooting arrows in the archery task, O’Keefe beat Baker. And with the golf match, Bridges and Lamas’ balls landed in two different bodies of water, but Lamas scored the point for being closer to the tee, pissing off his opponent. Heading into the obstacle course, the Sitcom Stars led 6-4.

In the women’s heat, von Oy and Hu were initially neck and neck but Hu ended up taking a big lead that she carried to the finish line, changing the score to 9-6 to give the Cops their first lead of the day. Bridges, who struggled on the 1979 obstacle course, was selected by Rousey for the men’s turn, and Estrada had to be convinced by Ware to take part. With another five points at stake, it was close, but Bridges redeemed himself, getting the lead back for the Sitcom Stars.

With the score now 11-9, the 10 points up for grabs in the tug of war would make the final event the deciding factor, as usual. The Sitcom Stars thought youth was on their side, while the Cops thought their size would work in their favor. Indeed, the strength of Team Cops could not be matched, and they won the challenge and the day, 19-11, after being behind in most of the events. Next week’s, it’s TV Moms & Dads versus TV kids!

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