“Battle Of The Network Stars” Finale Recap: Troublemakers Vs. TV Lifeguards

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Battle Network Stars Finale Recap September 7

By Shari Weiss |

Battle Network Stars Finale Recap September 7


On the season finale of “Battle of the Network Stars” on Thursday, Team Troublemakers faced off against Team TV Lifeguards. Find out who won on the final episode below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, ABC’s revival of “Battle of the Network Stars” has featured stars from television shows past and present competing in physical tasks. There’s been actors from current hit series like “Scandal” and “Pretty Little Liars,” as well as beloved faces from “The Wonder Years” and “CHiPs,” just to name a few. Teams have included TV Sex Symbols, Moms & Dads and Primetime Soaps. On the penultimate episode, which aired earlier tonight, it was TV Doctors versus Famous TV Families, with the medics winning.

Now for the last edition, Troublemakers included Vivica A. Fox, Paul Johansson, John Barrowman, Julie Benz, and Catherine Bach with coach DeMarcus Ware. And Lifeguards featured David Chokachi, Brande Roderick, Parker Stevenson, Nicole Eggert and Gena Lee Nolin with coach Ronda Rousey. Notably, all of the lifeguard actors were from “Baywatch.” Would their shared babckground give them an upper hand? Well, Stevenson actually sprained his ankle on the relay race back in the day, and opted not to compete in the run this time. And with Benz on the anchor leg, the villains scored the first point.

At the aquatic center, the “Baywatch” cast was back in red swimsuits, and Roderick teamed up with Chokachi. They amusingly called out to David Hasselhoff, who was not present, for some of his swimming mojo. In the swimming relay, they were against Fox and Barrowman, but the Lifeguards finished first. Chokachi joked that he was channeling his character, for whom he actually filmed his title sequence scenes in the next pool over. The kayak relay followed, with Stevenson and Nolin successfully paddling against Johansson and Bach. The score became 2-1.

In a break from pool, Benz and Eggert kicked some balls on the soccer field, with Team Lifeguards again getting the victory. Johansson, who played on a Canadian Olympic team twice, redeemed his poor showing in the kayak race by easily defeating Nolin in basketball, and had nothing but nice things to say about his opponent. He even set a record for the season. That changed the standings to 3-2 before the dunk tank, where Chokachi hilariously jumped in to “save” Benz after sinking her. Barrowman then dunked Stevenson on his first throw, surprising both men. As Foxx trash-talked her, Roderick couldn’t hit the target. But Johansson, telling Eggert it wasn’t personal, immediately dunked her. That tied the score 4-4.

For the tennis match, Stevenson won against Foxx, who was pretty disastrous. “I suck at this,” she exclaimed after hitting only one out of 20 serves. Fittingly, “Arrow” star Barrowman played in the archery challenge, even while wearing an eye patch. But he actually did poorly, much to his embarrassment. Roderick, on the other hand, was much closer to the target. The Lifeguards extended their lead to 6-4. Meanwhile, Bach narrowly topped Chokachi in golf. That made it 6-5 going into the obstacle course, and it was anyone’s game.

Rousey wanted her lifeguards to “run like somebody’s life depended on it.” Roderick raced against Foxx, and it was even most of the way, but the “Baywatch” star crossed the finish line first. At a score of 11-4, Chokachi hoped to give his co-stars another five points when he went up against Barrowman, who pulled off a much-needed win for the Troublemakers. Now with the standings 11-9, it was still anyone’s game going into the tug of war, which would decide the final result.

Johansson’s niceties from earlier were gone as he encouraged his team mates to get “angry” and use that as fuel. Both sides struggled, but the Troublemakers had a big surge and won it all, 20-11. Interestingly, taking the entire season into account, Ware and Rousey ended tied with five victories each. ABC has yet to announce if the show will be renewed for another summer season.

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