Stars Celebrate “Batman Day” (VIDEO)

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Batman Day

By Shari Weiss |

Batman Day

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Saturday marks the third annual “Batman Day,” and a number of stars are celebrating on social media. Check out the videos below!

“Batman Day” was started by DC Comics in 2014 to celebrate the iconic comic book character’s 75th anniversary. It’s since become a yearly recognition of all things Dark Knight. And for Will Arnett, the occasion served as the perfect day to unveil the new poster for the upcoming Lego Batman Movie (see right).

Arnett, of course, voiced the Lego Batman character to great acclaim in 2014’s The Lego Movie. Fan reaction to the part sparked the Batman-focused spinoff, which is slated to hit theaters next year. The actor shared the new poster on Twitter with the simple caption, “#BatmanDay.” The artwork amusingly reads, “Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be Batman.”

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot, who starred in Batman V Superman as Wonder Woman, shared a cartoon photo depicting Batman as a little kid. “Happy Batman Day everybody! #BatmanDay,” she tweeted. Famous fan LL Cool J posted a funny video (see below) of an animated Batman and Superman rapping his song, “Mama Said Knock You Out.” He wrote alongside the clip, “Happy #BatmanDay y’all.”

Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder posted a first-look photo of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League film. He also tweeted a picture of himself next to the bat signal projector, and the official Batman V Superman account shared a video montage of all the Batmans through the years.

Stan Lee may be a Marvel mastermind, but he tweeted a photo of himself with Ben Affleck, writing, “My Mallrats co-star @BenAffleck… Whatever happened to that guy? Happy #BatmanDay if you’re into that kinda thing.” “Gotham” star Cameron Monaghan tweeted a Joker-inspired smiley face with “Happy #BatmanDay.” And Mark Hammill, who has voiced the Joker, gave credit to one of Batman’s voice actors.

“So it’s officially #BatmanDay? For me, that means it’s @RealKevinConroy Day. Enjoy YOUR day Kev! #NoJokerDay,” he wrote. Even James Gunn got a little cheeky, tweeting Guardians of the Galaxy artwork and writing, “Happy #BatmanDay, y’all!” Kevin Smith also shared some art on Instagram, explaining, “Happy #BatmanDay! To honor our lord and savior, I offer some fantastic fan art – including a piece depicting my wife Jen as Catwoman and my kid @harleyquinnsmith_ as #HarleyQuinn!”

Smith went on, “I don’t know who created these amazing images but I’ll add their names if anyone can identify the artists. In the meantime, spend this high holy day reading about the adventures of the #darkknight or seeing his movies, or listening to Bruce Wayne’s favorite podcast, #FatManOnBatman! #KevinSmith #batmanday #batmanday2016.”

And Troy Baker, who has voiced Batman, Robin, the Joker, and Two-Face in a number of video games, poignantly tweeted, “Happy #BatmanDay to all. A reminder that we are not defined by tragedy but rather by the choices we make after.” Interestingly, one person yet to comment is the current Batman, Affleck, who is working on a stand-alone movie.

Gossip Cop will update should Affleck join the celebration. Watch the videos below!

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