Barrett Baber And Dustin Christensen “The Voice” Battle Video: “Walking In Memphis” Gets Steal

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Barrett Baber Dustin Christensen Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Barrett Baber Dustin Christensen Voice Battle Video


Barrett Baber and Dustin Christensen had a four-chair battle during “The Voice” on Monday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Baber scored a four-chair turn-around during the blind auditions, and future coach Blake Shelton compared his performance level to that of Garth Brooks. Shelton was also the winning coach for Christensen, who turned four chairs, too. The country superstar explained now that he felt there was no one other way to match them up for the battles except for with each other.

After mentoring from guest adviser Brad Paisley, Baber and Christensen took the stage for the night’s closing performance. They received a standing ovation from all the coaches, and even Carson Daly said, “Blake, you’re so screwed.” Adam Levine went on to tell the contestants, “The fact that one of you guys is going to be available right now blows my mind, because you’re both two of the best singers in this competition.”

“Blake is really just all and all an idiot for putting you together, because I didn’t spend one moment thinking who was better. All I thought was, ‘These are two equals up there,'” continued Levine. “Again, I’m shocked this is even going to be a possibility. So, let’s party.” Shelton actually then admitted, “I will agree with Adam. That was idiotic to put you two together.” And while he saw the battle as a “tie” or a “draw,” he eventually picked Baber as the winner.

That left Christensen available for a steal, and Levine hit his button before Daly could even finish announcing it. Stefani pushed her button, too, though, and they each made compelling pitches to woo the crooner. In the end, though, Christensen chose to join Team Adam! Check out the video below!


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