Barbra Streisand Trying To Overshadow Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake?

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Lady Gaga Barbra Streisand Star Is Born

By Andrew Shuster |

Lady Gaga Barbra Streisand Star Is Born

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A new report says Barbra Streisand is trying to overshadow Lady Gaga’s remake of A Star is Born simply because she’s releasing a new edition of the original 1976 film. The claim is completely ridiculous. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Gaga is starring in an updated version of Streisand’s classic film, which tells the story of an aging rock star who falls in love with an aspiring young singer. Streisand teamed up with Netflix earlier this month to release a special edition of A Star Is Born, which includes never-before-seen footage and re-edits of some of the film’s musical performances. According to Naughty Gossip, the legendary singer has ulterior motives for releasing a new cut of the musical drama.

“You are crazy if you think this is a coincidence,” an alleged insider tells the blog. “This is Barbra reminding everyone, including Gaga, that she won an Academy Award, the Grammy and even the Golden Globe for her movie.” Yes, it’s not a “coincidence” that Streisand released a new version of the classic movie, but it’s also not a calculated move to take Gaga down a peg.

The Netflix re-release of A Star Is Born is presumably meant to build hype for the remake, which doesn’t hit theaters until October. It’s not as if Streisand decided to stream the re-edit on the same weekend the new movie is being released. By the time October rolls around, it’s likely that plenty of people will have watched the recut version of the original film and be excited to see what the remake has to offer.

Regardless of the site’s premise not making sense, it’s also provably false. Earlier this month, Streisand gave her nod of approval to the remake of A Star Is Born. “What I saw of it was very good,” she said. “It feels reminiscent of mine, but they added some new things which I liked, too. I’m sure it’ll work.” It’s also worth noting, this year’s version of the film marks its fourth incarnation. Prior to the 1976 version starring Streisand, it was made with Janet Gaynor in 1937 and Judy Garland in 1954. Streisand even noted that the film is worth revisiting again, saying this month, “The story works… and it’s going to work in 2018.”

Conclusion: Streisand has only had nice things to say about the remake of A Star Is Born, which she’s ostensibly helping promote by re-releasing her version on Netflix in advance of the new film’s release. The re-edit will only help build buzz for the upcoming remake. The singer also noted that she sees value in the story being retold in various ways and in different decades. Streisand clearly isn’t trying to sabotage the remake, and the blog’s claim otherwise is both illogical and untrue.


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