Barack Obama Parting Speech After Donald Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

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Barack Obama Parting Speech

By Andrew Shuster |

Barack Obama Parting Speech


Former President Barack Obama delivered a parting speech at Joint Base Andrews directly following President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Watch the video below.

After the inaugural ceremony, Obama and wife Michelle boarded a Marine helicopter to the military base, where he delivered some final words. As Obama took the podium, he joked, “Michelle and I, we’ve really been milking this goodbye thing, so it behooves me to be very brief.”

The former president continued, “I said before and I will say again that when we started on this journey, we did so with an abiding faith in the American people and their ability, our ability, to join together and change the country in ways that would make life better for our kids and grandkids. He added, “Change didn’t happen form the top down, but it happened from the bottom up.”

“It was met sometime with skepticism and doubt,” continued Obama. “Some folks didn’t think we could pull it off… And yet, all of you came together.” Obama went on to express pride in the American people for coming together and having “hope in the face of difficulty and uncertainty.” The former president further assured all citizens that they were equally responsible as him for the successes of the past eight years.

The Obama’s will depart from Joint Base Andrews in a military aircraft that will take the family to Palm Springs, California for a much-needed vacation. Watch Obama’s parting speech in the video below.

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