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A ridiculous article alleging Barack Obama wants to "cut loose and party" without wife Michelle Obama is fake news. In the story, a certain webloid is claiming to know "the former president's plans to live life as a bachelor without Michelle," but Gossip Cop has confirmed the purported details are made up.

On Thursday, RadarOnline is falsely announcing in a headline, "Barack Obama 'Wants To Cut Loose & Party' Amid Divorce Rumors." For the record, those "divorce rumors" were previously manufactured by Radar, with several untrue stories earlier this month claiming the Obamas were having "marriage problems." The allegations were sparked simply because Barack was seen at an airport without his wedding band.

But now the site is continuing its narrative with this article about his supposed desire to be a free man. "Now that he's out of the White House and doesn't have to keep up the sham image of a loving hubby, former President Barack Obama has kicked wife Michelle to the curb and has yanked off his wedding ring," the article begins. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Everyone knew there have been tensions with Michelle for years, but he's had to stay with her for the sake of the presidency and their daughters, Sasha and Malia. But the girls are grown, so there's no reason for him to continue the charade."

The outlet goes on to write that "after partying up a storm with Virgin airline mogul Richard Branson at his swanky Necker Island paradise, a source claims that Barack was gushing, 'This is the life for me!'" The online publication, however, fails to mention that Michelle was on that trip, which took place months ago. Still, the "source" claims Barack now wants to "cut loose and party with billionaires like Branson, and enjoy all the lovely young women they surround themselves with."

The webloid further asserts "Michelle has secretly agreed to a $25 million divorce deal shortly," which is a statement that doesn't make sense. And a purported "insider" contends, "Their marriage is through. The wedding band is gone — and Michelle will soon follow!" To be clear, through this piece there's references to two "sources" and an "insider," but it seems the site is actually playing fast and loose with the attribution to make it seem like there's multiple people backing up this article.

Yet Gossip Cop couldn't find one person, despite our wealth of contacts and connections, who could confirm this split story is accurate. What we did learn is that the Obamas are enjoying their post-White House freedom, and both have a desire to relax. But any plans to "cut loose and party" will likely be carried out together, like the aforementioned vacation, and if they are apart, it is not to be taken as an indication of a divorce.

In addition, several people scoffed at the laughable notion that anyone in the Obamas' inner circle would be leaking information about their lives to RadarOnline, of all outlets. But as Gossip Cop readers know, it is a publication that specializes in fabricating ridiculous claims, like its story last year alleging Gwen Stefani invited President Obama to her wedding. Nine months later, the singer still hasn't tied the knot. Gossip Cop reached out to Barack's spokesperson for further comment on this latest story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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