Barack Obama NOT Trying To Impeach President Donald Trump, Despite Report

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Obama Impeach Trump

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Obama Impeach Trump

(National Enquirer)

Barack Obama is NOT trying to impeach President Donald Trump, despite a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the outrageous report.

The new cover of the National Enquirer sensationally blares, “Obama’s Secret Plot To Impeach Trump!” Inside the issue, it’s alleged, “Treasonous puppet master Barack Obama is pulling the strings on a coordinated conspiracy across multiple federal agencies to sabotage the Trump administration — and impeach President Donald Trump before he can make America great again!” The supermarket tabloid’s assertion is based on a so-called “left-leaning whistleblower who stepped out of the Beltway shadows” following a “crisis of conscience” that “motivated him to expose the revolt.”

“These acts of defiance, when viewed apart, may seem independently accomplished, but that’s precisely how they’re intended to be seen,” says the supposed source. “In reality, each one is part of a coordinated campaign to destroy the Trump administration. I was there when they were planned.”

When WHAT “acts of defiance” were planned? The gossip magazine points to Obama’s statement on Trump’s immigration executive action, Sally Yates’ refusal to enforce the travel ban, opposition from officials like Senator Chuck Schumer, and rogue governmental Twitter accounts. At meetings for this supposed plot, the alleged tipster says, “Obama was not present — but it was made clear his agenda and orders were to be carried out. He is the tarantula at the center of this web of insubordination.”

The goal, it’s said, is “impeachment proceedings against Trump,” with the “whistleblower” further contending, “Then amid the chaos, Obama’s stooges will work to change existing law so he run for a third term in 2020!” Well, that’s surprising. It was just last week that the publication said Obama wanted to make wife Michelle president in 2020.

That’s not mentioned anywhere in this new cover story. Nor is there any shred of evidence linking any “acts of defiance” to one another or to Obama as the “puppet master,” despite the vague claims of this “whistleblower.” At least Deep Throat gave Woodward and Bernstein specific information. Watergate this is not.

And the only “coordinated conspiracy” here is the one the National Enquirer has orchestrated with its repeated pro-Trump, anti-Obama pieces. The tabloid’s motives are transparent, and it’s telling that no legitimate outlets have confirmed its claims. Unsurprisingly, Gossip Cop is told the “Obama’s secret plot to impeach Trump” cover story isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

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