President Barack Obama did not call Beyonce and Jay Z to congratulate them on their unborn twins, despite a completely made-up story. Gossip Cop can correct this fabricated claim. We're told it's "not true."

HollywoodLife contends it has "exclusively learned that Obama personally called Jay after seeing the announcement." The site, which has been repeatedly caught manufacturing articles, alleges Obama is really "excited" about Beyonce's twins. The webloid even claims Obama dropped everything and "called Jay Z up as soon as he heard the pregnancy news."

The outlet then quotes one of its seemingly concocted sources as saying, "HOVA got a special call from President Obama congratulating him on the twins. Man, that right there made Jay's day." "It's not every day the [former] President calls to congratulate you, and during Black History month," adds the alleged "insider" gratuitously.

The same probably fake "source," who alternately calls the music mogul "Jay" and "HOVA," is further quoted as saying, "Jay was so thankful for the call and told Bey that while he can't wait for the twins to get here, he really wishes they would have been born during Obama's presidency." "Jay was so lucky to see a black president in his lifetime and he's equally lucky that Blue [Ivy, 5] had the opportunity to witness history as well," continues the questionable insider. The webloid ends its phony article by asking its readers, "Are you surprised Obama called Jay Z personally to congratulate him and Bey?" Uh, probably not half as surprised as Obama would be to hear this.

Interestingly, the outlet doesn't mention where each party was when Obama allegedly first "heard the pregnancy news" and dropped everything to call Jay Z. Typically, when stories are made up, they leave out key details like that, and instead fill their pieces with unverifiable quotations between two individuals. Often, the tipoff that it's been manufactured is that the writer can't keep track of names (like "HOVA" and "Jay"), and the quotations include bizarre, off-topic remarks, such as it made Jay Z's day to get a call from Obama "during Black History month." Glaringly absent in the article was anything about Obama asking about Beyonce. Instead, HollywoodLies focuses not on the pregnant woman carrying two babies, but rather Jay Z purportedly telling "Bey that while he can't wait for the twins to get here, he really wishes they would have been born during Obama's presidency."

Like many other fictitious stories published by the webloid, it's hard to believe that magically only HollywoodLies got this supposed scoop. Remember, the site's track is not particularly good. Gossip Cop previously busted HollywoodLife when it falsely claimed Beyonce and Jay Z were getting a divorce. Regardless, we still investigated, and a source close to Jay Z and Beyonce assures Gossip Cop no such call took place. Our impeccable insider tells us, "It's not true."

Curiously, this fake news story follows a similar pattern to another HollywoodLies tale that Gossip Cop exposed as entirely phony. The often discredited site claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton called Kim Kardashian and Kanye West right after their son Saint was born in December 2015. That report was proven to have been made up, and so is the latest article involving Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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