Supermodel Bar Refaeli Arrested for Tax Evasion

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Bar Refaeli Arrested Tax Evasion

By Andrew Shuster |

Bar Refaeli Arrested Tax Evasion

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Bar Refaeli was arrested in Israel on Thursday for tax evasion for having allegedly lied about where she lives to get around paying taxes on millions of dollars in income made abroad. The supermodel has also been accused of receiving gifts, such as luxury cars and apartments, and not reporting it to Israel’s Tax Authority.

Refaeli’s mother Zipora was taken into custody as well, since she’s suspected of being her daughter’s accomplice in the alleged tax fraud. The Israeli government maintains the supermodel ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio has made “millions of shekels” in unreported income. A shekel is worth slightly more than a quarter of the American dollar.

On Wednesday, Refaeli’s Tel Aviv home was raided by the authorities following an undercover investigation into the model’s tax returns. On Thursday, a Tel Aviv court ordered both women be arrested. They were released on bail shortly after being detained. In light of the charges against them, Refaeli and her mother are not permitted to leave Israel for 180 days, unless they get permission to do so.

Israeli citizens who do not reside in the country are exempt from reporting outside taxes. However, the Tax Authority alleges that Refaeli, who married Israeli billionaire Adi Ezra in September, is in fact a resident, but that her lavish apartments in Israel were fraudulently registered under her mother and brother’s names. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Refaeli’s tax evasions charges.


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