‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Rachel Lindsay Bloodbath Has Half The Men Sent Home

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap June 27 spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap June 27 spoilers


“The Bachelorette” on Tuesday had Rachel Lindsay sending home half of the remaining men. After the showdown between Lee and Kenny in Norway, Rachel took the guys to Denmark, where there was more blood shed, figuratively and literally. Get this week’s recap and spoilers below.

Episode six of this season’s “The Bachelorette” had Rachel cutting down the men from 12 to just 6. The show resumed in the Norwegian wilderness, where Rachel concluded her two-on one date with Kenny and Lee by sending home the latter. The bachelorette told them both that she heard “two completely different stories,” but noted about Lee, “I don’t trust you.” Still, she warned Kenny that she needed “time to figure out” what she thought of him, and didn’t give the wrestler the rose then. Bizarrely, even though Kenny was spared, after he walked away with Rachel to a waiting helicopter, he walked back to have more words with Lee, as she sat in the chopper.

Later, Kenny went to Rachel’s room, where they spoke. She asked if he gets set off easily, but Kenny swore he doesn’t have a short fuse. After talking some more, the bachelorette gave Kenny the rose. Rachel said she was “trying to understand” him better, but also knew Kenny was on the reality series for the right reasons and because he wanted to be with her.

After that, it was time for the rose ceremony. And, as Rachel previously indicated, she felt there was no real connection with a few of them, particularly Josiah, who she noted never asked any questions about her. So, along with Anthony, Josiah was sent home at the rose ceremony. He was shocked, however, and told that camera, “Woman, you have some poor judgement.”

Rachel and the 10 men still standing flew off to nearby Copenhagen, Denmark. For her first one-on-one, the bachelorette took a boat ride around the city with Eric. The two talked and drank champagne. They even stripped down and sat in a public hot tub, where they made out.

Later, Rachel and Eric went to the Tivoli amusement park, where they played games and went on rides before having dinner. Over the meal, Eric shared with the bachelorette that he never really had strong relationships, even with his own mother, but expressed that was “falling in love” with Rachel. At the end of the date, marked by more kissing, Eric received the date rose.

Next, Rachel had a group date with Adam, Alex, Bryan, Dean, Kenny, Matt, and Peter. The Viking-themed challenge began with the men rowing a big boat to an area of land where they competed in a number of activities that had the guys pulling, yanking and bumping each other out of a circle. The last of the combat games had the two strongest competitors, Adam and Kenny, fighting with swords and shields. The two, however, struck one another with their shields, leaving both Kenny and Adam bleeding by their eyes. Kenny was then crown the winner and Viking king.

During the after-party, Rachel talked privately and made out with Peter, Bryan and Adam. While alone with Rachel, Kenny admitted he was having a “very difficult” time. He even expressed that he wasn’t sure they had enough of a connection before the “hometown” dates, and he has a daughter at home. Rachel also acknowledged she had “questions and concerns,” and told Kenny, “I feel like you should go home.”

It may have been the most mutual and amicable goodbye in “Bachelorette” history. A somewhat relieved Kenny then called his daughter from the car that took him away, and gushed, “I love, love love you.” Rachel then told the other men Kenny had left and was a great guy. The bachelorette then gave the date rose to Peter.

For her last one-on-one date of this week, Rachel and Will took a boat ride to nearby Helsingborg, Sweden. Even though it was picturesque with castles, quaint streets, and water surrounding them, the bachelorette told the camera was there was “something missing” and no romance with Will. She added, “I want more from Will.”

Over dinner back in Denmark, Will told Rachel he mostly dated white women because he grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. He even spoke about a past passionate relationship, which made the bachelorette realize even more that they were not compatible. When it came time for the date rose, Rachel leveled with Will and said she didn’t see “the potential” with him. And while they built a good friendship, she related, “I’m not going for just a friendship.” And with that, Rachel sent Will home.

Having already sent home Josiah, Anthony and Lee in Norway, and then Kenny and Will in Denmark, there were few men left to eliminate at the rose ceremony. But Rachel did, and it was Alex. With six men left, the bachelorette heads to Switzerland for her next round of dates.

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