‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Kiss Midair; Kenny, Lee Fight In Norway

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap June 26 spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap June 26 spoilers


“The Bachelorette” on Monday had Rachel Lindsay going on dates in Oslo, Norway and sending several men home. Among the highlights were Rachel and Bryan kissing in midair while rappelling down a ski jump, and Kenny and Lee fighting more in the U.S. and abroad. Get this week’s recap and spoilers below.

Week Five of this season’s “The Bachelorette” picked up with Kenny and Lee arguing during the after-party that followed the spelling bee in Hilton Head Island. But Rachel was oblivious to their verbal fight. She was too busy kissing Bryan, who later got the group date rose.

The next day, Rachel had her last one-one-one date in South Carolina. She and Jack Stone first took a horse and buggy ride through the town of Bluffton, where they also shucked oysters, danced, and kissed a little. The bachelorette told the camera that she and Jack completely worked on paper, and “should be perfect for each other” because they’re both lawyers in Dallas, but she felt “something’s missing” with him. Rachel noted the “passion” was lacking. Later that night they shared a romantic dinner, but the bachelorette still didn’t feel a connection with Jack and sent him home early.

But Jack wasn’t the only one sent eliminated this episode. Right afterwards, Rachel held the rose ceremony and gone were Jonathan, otherwise known as Tickle Monster, and Iggy, who spent a lot of time trash-talking Eric and Josiah to the bachelorette. When Jonathan left, he asked Rachel if he could give her “one for the road” before tickling her. Meanwhile, Iggy exited in tears.

Following that, Rachel and her suitors flew off to Oslo, Norway for their first international dates. Bryan immediately got a one-on-one with her, which was not surprising because he was the first to kiss her and there have been sparks ever since then between them. For their outing, Bryan and Rachel went to a ski jump, which was built for the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. They then rappelled 187 feet down the side of the jump, but stopped midway to kiss. And they continued to kiss and kiss throughout the date. “He’s such a catch,” Rachel told the camera.

That evening, they had a private dinner. Bryan talked about how he had a four-year relationship that ended two years ago. He then told her, “I’m falling in love with you.” Not surprisingly, Bryan got the date rose. For her part, the bachelorette admitted to the camera, “I like Bryan a lot.”

For her group date the next morning, Adam, Alex, Anthony, Dean, Eric, Josiah, Matt, Peter, and Will played team handball against each other. Rachel joined one of the teams. At the after-party, Rachel talked and kissed a number of the guys, including Will, Josiah, and Peter. The bachelorette told the camera, “[Peter] gets me.” They then stripped down and made out in a hot tub. To Peter’s surprise, Rachel gave the date rose to Will, who was the standout player in the team handball game.

Then it was time for Rachel’s two-on-one date with archenemies Kenny and Lee. The bachelorette said she needed this date for “clarity,” and to figure out who she “can move forward with.” The three took a helicopter to the Norwegian wilderness. Rachel then spent alone time with both Kenny and Lee.

After talking to Rachel, she felt Kenny was “sincere” and honest about wanting to possibly have a future with her. Meanwhile, Lee claimed during his private time with Rachel that Kenny physically pulled him out of a van and even confided to him that he had a “dark side” when he drinks. The bachelorette, however, was skeptical of Lee’s stories and asked Kenny to talk aside a second time. She then recounted how Lee said he was “violent” and “aggressive,” but Kenny assured Rachel his rival was “lying.”

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