‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Rachel Lindsay Judges Spelling Bee, Sends Three Home

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap June 19 spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap June 19 spoilers


“The Bachelorette” on Monday began with Rachel Lindsay sending three men home, before taking the remaining men to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. While there, she went on a one-on-one date on a blimp and a group date that included a spelling bee. Get this week’s recap and spoilers below.

Week Four of this season’s “The Bachelorette” picked up from two weeks ago (since Game Five of the NBA Finals aired instead last week) with Eric fighting with some of the other men over whether his intentions for being on the show were genuine. But then the next big confrontation was between Kenny and Lee, who interrupted the gentle wrestler while he was talking to Rachel. Finally, it was time for the rose ceremony, and while Lee, Kenny, and Eric were safe, Brady, Bryce and “Diggy” were sent home.

With them gone, the bachelorette and the remaining guys headed for South Carolina. Once there, Dean got the first one-on-one date, which had Rachel and the recruiter from California flying in a Goodyear blimp over Hilton Head Island. But before they took off, he admitted, “I’m terrified of heights.” Once up in the air, however, Rachel made him feel comfortable, and both Dean and the bachelorette were even allowed to pilot the blimp.

Naturally, they drank champagne, kissed, and even flew in the blimp near the other guys. And just in case the other suitors weren’t sure they were in the blimp, on the outside of it was a screen that read, “Rachel and Dean are in here,” and “Rachel and Dean 4 Eva.” Rachel offered a toast to Dean and to “taking the relationship to new heights, literally and figuratively.”

Following that excursion, the two shared a romantic dinner, during which Dean opened about his mother dying of breast cancer when he was 15. He said his family fell apart afterwards. But, noted Dean, the experience made him want to become a dad and have a tight-knit family. Rachel was so moved by his life story that she gave him the date rose. From dinner, they walked to a concert by country singer Russell Dickerson. The two danced and kissed even more in front of the crowd.

Next, 13 men were tapped for a group date of sailing and spelling. On the cruise around Hilton Head Island were Adam, Alex, Anthony, Bryan, Eric, Iggy, Jonathan, Josiah, Kenny, Lee, Matt, Peter, and Will. On the boat, the men tried to impress Rachel with their push-ups, dancing and rapping. Once they were back on land, Rachel had them compete in a spelling bee, because she wanted to test their “cerebral skills.” As she and three young girls served as judges, the men had to spell such words as “coitus” and “schmuck.” Josiah, the prosecutor from Fort Lauderdale, won the contest by correctly spelling “polyamorous.”

Afterwards, Rachel had a good time talking individually to Peter and Eric. But then Iggy, who talked trash about Eric to Rachel earlier, tried to badmouth Josiah to the bachelorette. He later even told Josiah about it. Next, Lee had private time with Rachel and attempted to paint Kenny in a bad light, but she hard a difficult time believing it and wanted to get the wrestler’s perspective.

During her time with Kenny, she asked what happened between the two because she heard them arguing. Kenny explained that he was upset and could have handled the situation better. He also told the bachelorette that he thought Lee was disingenuous. Unhappy about how Lee presented the situation, after Kenny left Rachel he then confronted his nemesis, and told him he wanted to take it outside.

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