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“The Bachelorette” Recap: Rachel Lindsay’s Men Meet Family, Goes On Fantasy Suite Date

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap July-24 spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap July-24 spoilers


On Monday’s “The Bachelorette,” Rachel Lindsay introduced Bryan, Eric, and Peter to her family in Dallas before heading off the Spain for her overnight, fantasy suite dates. Get the full recap and spoilers below from the ninth episode of this season!

After Rachel went on hometown dates on last week’s “Bachelorette,” it was time for the guys to meet her family. This week’s show began with Rachel first bringing Peter to her meet her mom, aunt and uncle, sister and brother-in-law, and cousin. But before they went head over there, the two went baby clothes shopping because Rachel’s sister was 8 months pregnant at the time. Right outside the home, Peter finally told the bachelorette, “I want you to have confidence in us,” before adding, “I am falling in love with you.” Rachel was, to say the least, overjoyed to hear him say that.

Over dinner, Peter related how his parents also only knew each other for a month before they got married, and they’ve now been together for 36 years. He also explained to everyone that he’s “not ready to lose Rachel.” While privately speaking with her mom, however, Peter said that he wasn’t going to ask for her hand in marriage during the visit because he needed to “know for certain that your daughter is the person for me.” Rachel’s mother appreciated his honesty.

Next, Eric and Rachel visited Reunion Tower in Dallas, where they looked out over the city and talked about him being nervous to meet her family. Eric impressed her relatives with his life story of growing up on the streets of Baltimore and fending for himself, but yearning ultimately to have a family. Privately, Rachel’s sister questioned Eric if he’s ever been in love before and wondered if he was truly ready to settle down. He was also asked that by the bachelorette’s mom.

Throughout his talk with Rachel’s mother, Eric stressed that he’s ready to get married, and everything that goes along with, including “commitment, comprise, and communication. He then asked her for “permission to propose to your daughter.” Rachel’s mom responded that she was “comfortable with that” and trusted whatever he daughter decided.

Bryan was the last man to be introduced to Rachel’s family. Before meeting them, however, he had brunch with some of her girlfriends. They noted that, like the bachelorette, he’s also extremely confident.

And while he made a good impression on his friends, it went less smoothly with Rachel’s relatives. As he sat with her family, Bryan flat-out told them that he loves her. Over lunch, Rachel’s mom, sister, brother-in-law, and uncle fired questions (and follow-up questions) at Bryan, which made the bachelorette uncomfortable. At one point when Bryan got up from the table, Rachel voiced her annoyance, to which her family explained that they simply wanted to make sure he was genuine and right for her.

While sitting alone with Rachel’s mom, Bryan noted it’s a “different, odd situation” on “The Bachelorette,” where “feelings can develop so fast,” but he assured her mother, “I love your daughter.” He went on to tell her that he planned to propose to Rachel and, at the right time, marry her. After the two discussed how there can be “conflicts” sometimes between husbands and wives, Bryan said he wanted her permission to ask for Rachel’s hand in marriage. The bachelorette’s mom said, “You have my blessing” because she trusts her daughter.

After the men were out of the hot seat, they headed to Rioja, Spain, which is known for its wine. First up was Eric. He and Rachel took a helicopter ride over the area’s vineyards. They then walked up to a monastery, where they drank champagne, talked about their hometown dates, and future.

Later, while sharing dinner outside, Eric told the bachelorette that she was “everything I want in a wife” before blurting out, “I love you.” Right afterwards, she offered him a card for an overnight date in the fantasy suite, to which he said he was “all in for the win.” They were then seen drinking champagne in the hotel room, where Eric made a toast to going”deeper.”

The next shot was in the morning of Rachel’s empty but tousled bed. Eric was shirtless and the two looked happy. They then grabbed coffee before kissing goodbye.

Peter had the second date. On their day together, they went to a vineyard and wine cavern below, where they were serenaded by its vintner. They were even gifted with their very own wine cellar, with their names on it and bottles inside. While in the midst of a serious conversation on the vineyard, a little girl directed then to a giant vat in which they stomped on grapes for wine.

Over drinks later that night, Rachel explained to Peter that she didn’t sacrifice everything to have a boyfriend at the end of the journey. Peter said, “Unfortunately, my feelings are different.” He tried to explain that for him engagement meant marriage planning, and he wasn’t ready to propose. “I don’t want you to give up on what you believe,” he continued, ” to which she replied, “I don’t know where to go from here.” The episode then ended with Rachel’s relationship with Peter unraveling.

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