‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Rachel Lindsay Chooses Final Four For Hometown Dates

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap July 10 spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap July 10 spoilers


“The Bachelorette” on Monday had Rachel Lindsay going on three one-on-one-dates and a group date in Geneva, Switzerland before choosing the four guys who will get hometown dates. Get the recap and spoilers from episode seven below.

This week’s “The Bachelorette” picked up from two weeks ago with Rachel taking Peter, Matt, Eric, Dean, Bryan, and Adam to Geneva. Bryan, who’s already had the most one-on-one dates with Rachel, got the first one in Switzerland. The two began their “luxury” date by taking a ride in a Bentley convertible to a watch shop, where the bachelorette bought herself and Bryan expensive Breitlings. After that they took a boat ride, during which they drank champagne and kissed.

Bryan and Rachel then drank some wine and made out in a public park before heading to the concert venue, Victoria Hall, where over dinner Bryan admitted that his last relationship was “hot-and-heavy in a short amount of time,” like what he has with Rachel. He explained that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him because she didn’t get along with his mom.

But that seemingly won’t happen with Rachel, who told the camera, “The more I get to know him, the harder I fall for him.” She added that he had a “lot of the characteristics I’m looking for in a husband.” The bachelorette then told Bryan, “I would love to come home and meet your family.” The two then kissed more and danced on the concert hall’s main floor, while a string quartet played in the background.

Next, Rachel had her date with just Dean. The first part of their time together had them going to a Catholic church in the Old Town section of Geneva. They then walked the city’s cobblestone streets and talked about their lives. Over lunch, Dean joked around while Rachel tried to get him to open up more. Later, Rachel acknowledged that the day’s date “didn’t go the way I wanted.” She even told him that over dinner, which got Dean to admit that “it’s hard for me to put myself out there.”

Dean finally opened up and said that while the other guys were excited for Rachel to meet their families, he was not because, as he noted, “My family is not the family you want to see.” Dean further explained that after his mother passed away, his father didn’t rise to the occasion, and he only wished Rachel could have met his family the way it was before his mother died. Now, Dean told the bachelorette, he thinks instead about what “our family could be.” Rachel gave him the date rose, ensuring a hometown date, and the two kissed more.

After Dean, the bachelorette went on a one-on-one with Peter. The two flew a helicopter over the Swiss Alps to Glacier 3000, where they went dog sledding. They then look really cold, as Peter told Rachel honestly that when he had “bad days” and was away from her, he thought about leaving. While it concerned the bachelorette that Peter contemplated bolting, she was glad he opened up. They then proceeded to make out in the snow.

That evening, they dined in an elegant mansion. Over drinks, Rachel thanked Peter for being “honest.” He assured the bachelorette that his family and friends would love her. She then asked if he ever dated a black woman, which he admitted he had never done before.

Peter then talked about the last serious relationship he had and the “guilt” he carried for a long time from breaking that woman’s heart. Rachel said in voiceover how she feared choosing Peter, only to have him not propose to her. “That’s scary,” she added. In the end, Rachel gave him the date rose and they both felt more secure with their relationship.

Following that, Rachel had a three-on-one-date with Matt, Eric, and Adam. They all got on a boat that went to Sciez-sur-Leman, France, where they explored the castle Chateau de Coudree with the bachelorette. After they all shared champagne together, each man got some alone time with the bachelorette.

The first guy to spend time with the bachelorette was Eric. If nothing else, he was smooth and reassuring. After him was Matt. Rachel told Matt that he was possibly the most similar to her than anyone else, but in tears she quickly sent him home. The bachelorette then kissed him goodbye.

Adam was the last guy on the three-on-one date. But despite his best efforts and even them kissing, Adam was also eliminated. That left Eric to join Peter, Dean, and Bryan on the hometown dates.

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