“The Bachelorette” Recap: Rachel Lindsay Hometown Dates Lead To Final Three

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap July 17 spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Recap July 17 spoilers


“The Bachelorette” on Monday had Rachel Lindsay going on hometown dates with the four remaining men, Bryan, Dean, Eric, and Peter. At the end of her visits, however, one man was sent home. Get the full recap and all of episode eight’s spoilers below.

This week’s “The Bachelorette” began with Rachel going to Baltimore to visit with Eric’s family. First, he showed her the nice part of the city before taking her to the rougher neighborhood where he grew up. The two played basketball on the court he used to shoot hoops on as a kid.

His friend Rob met them there and mentioned how Eric has never brought home a girlfriend, but also told Rachel he was a role model to others. While alone again, Rachel expressed that she was concerned that he’s never introduced a girlfriend to his family and noted “That’s pretty serious.” Mostly, though, she was impressed with how he overcame adversity to leave the mean streets behind.

Rachel then went to his family’s apartment and immediately everyone welcomed her. The bachelorette noted that she “felt very much at home 10 seconds within walking through the door.” And while talking with Eric’s aunt, Rachel was assured that he’s ready for a fiancee. When Eric’s mom and the bachelorette talked, Rachel explained how the two connect. In addition, it seemed like the hours spent with his family was a time for healing for Eric and his parents, who both apologized for past mistakes.

During dinner Eric made a toast. He said in front of everyone, “I’ve been running from love my whole life… I’m not running anymore.” Later, when he and Rachel left his family, he confessed that he was in love with her. Rachel, for her part, told the camera, “I really like Eric” and “I’m falling for Eric.”

Next, Rachel traveled to Miami to be with Bryan and his family. He greeted her in the the Calle Ocho area, which is home to many South and Central Americans (and is often referred to as Little Havana). When first seeing each other, Bryan told the bachelorette in Spanish how much he cares about her. They then went to a place called Domino Park, where they played with the locals. Rachel and Bryan also danced a little in the neighborhood and talked and kissed before meeting his family.

After hearing last week how Bryan’s mom ended a previous relationship of his mom, because she didn’t get along with his girlfriend, Rachel noted she was “nervous” to meet his mother. At his home, Bryan told his mom, “She’s the one.” His mother warned him that she marriage and commitment are work.

While alone with Bryan’s mother, his mom told the bachelorette pointblank, “Bryan is my life.” She also warned Rachel that she would be marrying into family. “If he’s happy, I’m happy. If not, I’ll kill you,” added Bryan’s mom. Despite all the toughness, Bryan’s mom saw how much they cared for each other and assured Rachel she would be happy with her as a daughter-in-law.

A much relieved Bryan told Rachel afterwards, “I’m in love with you.” He explained that he didn’t want to leave his hometown without letting her know. For her part, the bachelorette appeared to be overjoyed by his pronouncement and happy to have passed the mom test.

From there, Rachel visited Peter in Madison. He took the bachelorette around the town and then out for drinks with his friends, half of whom were black. His buddies explained to her that Peter’s very “accepting” and “treats everyone the same.” He noted while alone with his pals that he only wants to get engaged once in his life and doesn’t want to do anything rash, and hoped the meeting with his family would bring “clarity.”

Then it was time to meet Peter’s family, which included his niece, who sat on his lap. Rachel told the camera how she felt he’ll be a great dad and husband. But she added that she wasn’t sure whether he was ready to commit.

The bachelorette then had a private conversation with Peter’s mother. She told his mom she she wanted to be married and have kids. Rachel said her parents had been married for 38 years, and “I want that.” Next, she asked Peter’s mom, “Is he emotionally ready for marriage?” “I think he’s ready to start a family,” she replied.

But Rachel said she needs more than that. She explained that she wants to get married. “I’m not looking for a boyfriend,” the bachelorette added. When they were alone together, Peter told Rachel he felt the get-together went well and that he was “hopeful for the future.” That, however, didn’t seem to be good enough for her.

Following that hometown date, Rachel made her last stop in Aspen, where Dean was terrified of introducing his family to her. After they rode ATVs, they sat and talked in a field, where Dean revealed it’s been eight years since his whole family has been under one roof. It was also going to be the first time in two years that he’s seen his dad, who Dean explained had converted and become a Sikh Kundalini yogi six years ago.

Dean and Rachel then went inside his family home, where everyone was seated on the ground. They then laid down as his father, who was fully clad in purple, drummed on a gong. Afterwards, they all shared a vegetarian meal with his siblings and Dean’s very spiritual dad.

His father then wanted to talk alone. Dean expressed his hurt that his dad abandoned him when his mom died. His father said, “I didn’t know how to do anything… never been a mom… never knew how to cook.” Dean’s dad added that he did what he could, which was to earn money to pay for his kids’ schooling.

The more Dean expressed how he felt abandoned, the more his father pushed back. His dad even yelled, “You’ve got one f**kin’ foot stuck in the past.” Ultimately, the two couldn’t along, with his dad storming out of the house. Before he left, though, Dean told his father, “I love you regardless.”

Rachel then pulled his father aside outside. He told the bachelorette, “I wish you blessings,” and admitted he didn’t know his son had “such harsh feelings about me still.” Dean’s father assured Rachel that if they work out, “I’m more than happy to get to know you.” He added that he could tell they have “something special,” and “I honor the whole thing.”

Dean confessed while alone with the bachelorette that what made the family get-together more painful for him was that he was falling in love with her. For the most part, Rachel seemed understanding. She expressed skepticism later, however, to Chris Harrison.

The remaining four men then went to Rachel’s hometown of Dallas for the rose ceremony. She noted that there were some guys she was falling in love with, but was “sorry” to say goodbye to Dean. Not surprisingly, Dean was eliminated and said in the car taking him away that he was completely “shocked” and “confused.” Bryan, Eric and Peter, on the other hand, were pumped for their trip to Rioja, Spain for possible overnight fantasy suite dates and the opportunity to propose to Rachel.

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