Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Has Guys Sumo Wrestle And Teach Sex Ed

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kaitlyn bristowe bachelorette spoilers june 1 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

kaitlyn bristowe bachelorette spoilers june 1 2015


Kaitlyn Bristowe had the guys take sumo wrestling lessons as well as give a sex ed lesson to middle school kids on Monday’s “The Bachelorette.” But before all of that, Bristowe held a rose ceremony in which she sent home Cory and Daniel.

The following morning, the remaining men were woken up by two sumo wrestlers. One was the world’s reigning champ, Byamba, and the other was Yama, a champ and Japan’s heaviest man. Outside the mansion, the five men chosen for the group date (Chris, Clint, Joe, J.J., Shawn, and Tony) practiced sparring against the two wrestlers in traditional outfits or as Bristowe called them, “thong man-diapers.” She also noted how as the guys moved around she could see “junk everywhere.”

Tony, a professional “healer,” said if he were one of the sumo wrestlers, “I would be terrified.” Despite his confidence, the sumo wrestler just toyed with him. Afterwards, Tony walked away, and when Bristowe asked what was wrong, Tony said he was tired of all the “aggression” the dates involve, and that he’s about being “peaceful and loving.” Bristowe said it wasn’t supposed to be about “violence,” but something that they could “laugh” at later.

Later, Bristowe set up a sumo wrestling exhibition for the guys at Universal City Walk in L.A., but said they didn’t have to a participate, if they didn’t want to. Tony didn’t show up to the sumo competition. The five remaining men wrestled for the general public, with Clint and Joe taking it seriously. In the evening, Tony, with his bags packed, showed up to Bristowe’s hotel and told her he couldn’t be a “part of this circus anymore.” After telling “The Bachelorette” she’s “amazing,” he thanked her for their “time” together and drove off.

At a get-together at the mansion, Bristowe and Shawn B. went outside where they kissed, and she handed him the rose from the sumo wrestling group date. Bristowe later tells the camera that being with Shawn B. “just feels right.” She also notes how she’s beginning to get turned off by Clint, who was particularly intense during the wrestling.

Next, there was a one-on-one date with Ben Z. The twist, though, was that Chris Harrison chose Ben Z., and that it was a surprise to Bristowe. They both had no idea what Harrison had planned for them. They ended up being brought to a warehouse that was like a haunted house with blood on the walls, a scary ghoul, live snakes, a scorpion and maggots. Basically they had to figure out a code to get them out of the spooky warehouse. After they got out, Bristowe said how much she trusted Ben Z. and that his fearlessness was sexy. They then had a pizza date at her place. Even though Bristowe didn’t initially pick him for the one-on-one date, Ben Z. got a rose.

After that, there was one more group date with Ben H., Jared, Jonathan, Joshua, and Ryan B. Their group activity was teaching sex ed to middle school kids. The children asked a number of embarrassing questions and were all grossed out by the answers. But the best part was that Bristowe admitted to the camera that the kids were really child actors, who were prompted to pose the explicit and embarrassing questions. “The Bachelorette” was most impressed by Ben H.’s schoolroom manner.

Later that evening, Bristowe and Jared went off and made out. While they were away, Clint, who’s had a bromance with J.J., told the camera he went on “The Bachelorette” to meet a woman but ended up “falling in love with a man.” He also noted that he wanted to stay, not because he’s gelling with Bristowe, but because he likes hanging with J.J.

When Bristowe returned, she gave Ben H. a rose. She then hung out with Clint and the two surprisingly kissed, but while away from her, he kept saying how he wanted to just be with J.J. Throughout the cocktail party, guy after guy told Bristowe that Clint was there for the wrong reasons. “The Bachelorette” then said she was “pissed off,” and that Clint was going to go “down in flames.” Expect him to be gone by the beginning of next week’s episode.


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