The Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Keeps Nick Sex A Secret, Regrets Telling Shawn He’s “The One” + MAJOR TWIST

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Kaitlyn Bristowe Bachelorette Recap June 29

By Shari Weiss |

Kaitlyn Bristowe Bachelorette Recap June 29


Monday’s “The Bachelorette” dealt with the fallout of Kaitlyn Bristowe sleeping with contestant Nick Viall, in addition to more eliminations and a game-changing twist.

As Gossip Cop reported, last week’s episode featured Bristowe and Viall getting it on in Dublin. The show ended with an insecure Shawn B. showing up at her hotel room, and that’s where things picked up for the new installment. He point-blanked asked Bristowe whether she was in love with him, and she conceded that she was “falling.” The personal trailer copped to being very jealous, and questioned whether he could tolerate the rest of the competition. A “guilty” Bristowe cried to the camera, worried that he knew she had been “intimate,” and admitting she felt “awful” for betraying him and the other guys.

Regardless of the drama, Bristowe still had the dreaded 2-on-1 date to go on with Joe and JJ. The three traveled by boat to an island called Ireland’s Eye, where they shared an awkward picnic as a threesome. During their alone time, Joe confessed he was “falling in love” with Bristowe, and she responded with a kiss. When JJ got his solo chat, he admitted to cheating on his now-ex wife a few years ago, and explained he was telling Bristowe because he wanted to vow to her that he’d always be honest.

The reality star felt drawn to both men, but could only give the date rose to one, with the other being instantly eliminated. After saying she felt “sick,” and that she’s “genuinely looking for a husband,” Bristowe said she didn’t see a “future” with JJ, and that she didn’t want to keep him from his daughter any longer. In a surprise, though, she also said she didn’t feel comfortable giving the rose to Joe yet, and wanted to spend more time with him before deciding. They went on to bond some more back on the mainland, and then the rose was finally his.

With Bristowe on the date, Shawn continued to torment himself over where the Bachelorette’s affections may or may not lie, while Nick gloated over his competitor’s suffering. Shawn revealed in a confessional that Bristowe previously told him off-camera that he’s “the one,” which was why he was struggling to watch her with other men. It led him once again to Bristowe’s hotel room, and she was actually relieved that he still didn’t know she slept with Nick. And instead of confessing her dalliance, she got a bit angry with him for not letting the show naturally play out.

It was eventually rose ceremony time, but at the cocktail party beforehand, Nick and Shawn both played dumb about why Bristowe was on edge. Ben H. actually confronted her, questioning what “validation” she secretly gave Shawn, making her all the more regretful for her “the one” comment, and all the more determined to explore her other relationships. Bristowe then told Viall their secret time together was “perfect,” but then requested he not talk about it with anyone. Viall cried, before they made peace and made out once again, and she went on to tell Shawn they needed to take a “step back.”

Bristowe finally had to make her rose picks, handing out just three, as Nick, Joe, and Jared (from last week’s episode) were all already safely pinned. Ultimately, she gave the flowers to Ben H., Chris, and, lastly, Shawn, thereby eliminating Tanner and Ben Z. Then, with six men remaining and still harboring her sex secret, Bristowe had to get right back on her quest for love the next day, and did so by allowing Jared to be the only contestant to ride solo with her as they all traveled across Ireland to Killarney.

At the Blarney Stone and then her hotel, the pair shared some kisses, leading Jared to quip he “got lucky in Ireland,” but Bristowe next had a super-serious chat with Chris Harrison (see photo above). She confessed that things got too serious with Shawn, and vaguely said that she and Nick went back to her hotel and she “regrets” it. The host, however, urged her to have more off-camera time with the remaining guys, and then dropped a bombshell: She was to narrow things down to three by the end of this new week of dates, then have Fantasy Suite dates, and then have Hometown dates with only the two last contenders, instead of the typical final four.

After encouraging her to eliminate the three additional men sooner than later, Harrison broke the game-changing news to the guys the next day, and Chris, a.k.a. “Cupcake,” was “really nervous” to deal with the increased “pressure” on a one-on-one date. There was no rose at stake, but Bristowe was determined to figure out whether she saw him as her “husband” as they had a picnic on a cliff side. She broke down in tears, though, admitting her heart was “elsewhere,” and that she wasn’t sure she saw them being “together forever.”

She then essentially broke up with him, and walked off crying, leaving the dentist to do his own sobbing. He even told the camera that Bristowe is a “mess,” and questioned whether she’s “ready” to find her partner. And based on the preview for next week, the Bachelorette only continues to wrestle with her feelings. She also finally comes clean about her tryst with Nick. TELL US: What do you think of tonight’s “Bachelorette”?


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