‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay, Kevin Durant Dated?

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Bachelorrette Rachel Lindsay Kevin Durant

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Bachelorrette Rachel Lindsay Kevin Durant

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Did “The Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay date NBA star Kevin Durant when they were both at the University of Texas at Austin? A new report claims the two were serious until Lindsay went to law school, and then they split up. Gossip Cop reached out to rep for “The Bachelorette,” who declined to comment.

According to an article posted by Us Weekly, Lindsay and the three years her junior Durant were college sweathearts. A source tells the outlet, “It was a pretty serious relationship,” but they “broke up when she went to law school” at Marquette University. Lindsay is a big basketball fan and played in high school, but because of the rigors of college, she only played intramural hoops while at the University of Texas.

Basketball was featured prominently on last Monday’s episode. Lindsay had 10 suitors play against each other during a group date. Joining her at the game was basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who noted that “The Bachelorette” could get a sense of each guy’s “character” on the court because, much like romance, basketball is all about “teamwork.” Interestingly, while Lindsay scrimmaged with the men before the game, she noted one suitor named DeMario had rather uncooly dunked on her. Later, his character was called into question when it was revealed he had a girlfriend up until the show began taping. An exasperated Lindsay told DeMario, “I’m not here to be played,” and “I need you to get the f**k out,” as she booted him from he reality series.

As it has been reported, Lindsay is now happily engaged to another contestant on “The Bachelorette.” As for Durant, who’s playing in the NBA Finals for the Golden State Warriors, he’s still single. Gossip Cop will continue to investigate the claim that Durant and Lindsay dated in college.

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