“The Bachelor Winter Games” Finale Recap: Who Won And Who Got Engaged?

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Bachelor Winter Games Recap February 22 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Bachelor Winter Games Recap February 22 2018


On “The Bachelor Winter Games” finale on Thursday, there was a breakup, fantasy suite dates, an ice dancing competition and the crowning of the winners. It all led up to a proposal and engagement on the post-show “World Tells All” special. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, episode three of “The Bachelor Winter Games,” which aired on Tuesday, featured several contestants voluntarily leaving the competition while one couple was eliminated. That meant for the fourth and final installment, only Lesley and Dean, Bibiana and Jordan, Ashley I. and Kevin, Lily and Courtney, and Stassi and Luke remained. The last show began with the five couples embracing their dwindling quality time together.

Host Chris Harrison told the group their last challenge would be couples ice dancing, with the winners crowned “champions of ‘Bachelor Winter Games.'” Ashley surprised everyone by inquiring about fantasy suites, though she didn’t get an answer. All of the pairs received private dance lessons to learn choreography for their routines. The goal was to play up everyone’s chemistry and connection.

Most of the duos seemed to gel, but Bibiana and Jordan butted heads as they struggled with their coordination. Back at the house, he suggested talking about their future. He said he wanted to be with her after the show, but questioned whether it was “realistic.” She told him, “I don’t have an answer for you.” As Jordan pushed her, Bibiana felt “pressured,” and tearfully came to the conclusion she wasn’t “ready” to move their relationship forward. “I need to go home,” she declared. And so they departed, separately.

The breakup made the four couples left consider their own relationships as rehearsals for the final task continued on the ice with skating legends Nancy Kerrigan, Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner. They were told they’d be judged on chemistry, effort and performance. There were varying degrees of success during the practice runs. Then, on the eve of the big event, Harrison offered all of the couples one-on-one dates with Fantasy Suite cards, should both man and woman decided to make it an overnight.

Lesley reiterated to Dean that she hasn’t been with anyone since her preventative double mastectomy. He assured her that any scarring would not “deter” their relationship. Feeling her insecurities “washed away,” they became official “boyfriend/girlfriend,” and decided to embrace the Fantasy Suite. Meanwhile, Stassi told Luke her feelings for him were “real,” and said she would move for “the love of my life.” That said, she tearfully confessed she couldn’t do something like the Fantasy Suite on television. He swore that was okay with him and that he still wanted to see “where this could go.”

Enamored since the first night, Courtney told Lily he was “falling in love” with her, and she “100 percent” agreed. As for the Fantasy Suite, she wasn’t comfortable spending the night, despite her feelings for him. Fortunately, he still seemed head over heels for her. And then there was Ashley and Kevin, who again talked about her virginity. She was emotional over how understanding he was, and she said “definitely yes” to the Fantasy Suite.

All the couples seemed happy the next morning and ready for the skating competition, but Kevin, the best skater among the contestants, actually hurt himself when he fell during the warm-ups. As he received medical attention, Lesley and Dean were the first to perform. He nearly fell at one point, but they ultimately pulled the routine off. Lily and Courtney entertained with their turn, while Stassi and Luke also seemed to impress for the most part. And despite his injury, Ashley and Kevin wowed enough.

Ultimately, it was Ashley and Kevin who were named the “Winter Games” champions. They were given golden roses and deemed the “first truly international couple” of the “Bachelor” franchise. But with all the players happily paired up, everyone was feeling pretty victorious as the series came to an end. Then came the “World Tells All” post-show special, for which most of the contestants gathered in Los Angeles whether they were coupled up or not.

Bibiana cried watching a montage of clips, including her split from Jordan, who now wished her well. Ally and Josiah laughed over her vomiting, while Yuki celebrated finding a “best friend” in Ben. Lily and Courtney confirmed they’re still dating, even sharing footage of the RV trip they took across the U.S. after filming ended in December. They’re now living in L.A.

Lesley and Dean shared that they, too, are still dating. “I need to tell you I do love you,” he told her before dropping to one knee. It wasn’t an engagement ring he offered, but a key to his home. She, of course, accepted. But there was no happy ending for Stassi and Luke. She revealed he ghosted her after the tapings finished, never even taking her number. She now angrily and tearfully confronted him on stage for not giving her a chance after the cameras stopped rolling. So frustrated by his lame excuses, she asked Harrison, “Can we move to next couple, please?”

Winners Ashley and Kevin said they’re still going strong, though they revealed they didn’t actually sleep together in the Fantasy Suite. Clare was next called up to the “hot seat” to reflect on her love triangle with Benoit and Christian. She then emotionally revealed she returned home to a message from Benoit. As he now explained it, “One conversation led to another one.” Juan Pablo’s ex said Benoit “changed my life” by being a guy who didn’t “give up” on her, with Clare adding to him, “I just love you, and I mean it.” Benoit then stunned everyone by proposing marriage with a diamond Neil Lane ring. With her “yes,” “The Bachelor Winter Games” had a real fairytale ending.

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