“The Bachelor Winter Games” Recap: Who Was Eliminated After Kissing Contest And Who Quit?

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Bachelor Winter Games Recap February 20 2018

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Bachelor Winter Games Recap February 20 2018


Tuesday’s “The Bachelor Winter Games” included a ski race, a kissing contest with former Bachelors and Bachelorettes, several contestants quitting and an elimination. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, episode two of “The Bachelor Winter Games” aired last Thursday. Kevin ended things with Bibiana and hooked up with Ashley I., while Bibiana rebounded with late arrival Jordan. Clare fought with both Benoit and Christian, leading Benoit to leave the competition. And Rebecca and Jenny were eliminated at the rose ceremony.

The third and penultimate edition began with Ben and Yuki having platonic fun in the show. Yuki was hoping to finally go on a date, and Luke said he wanted a second date with Stassi. Clare was still frustrated with Christian despite accepting his rose, but hoped a date would lead to “clarity.” First, though, they had to make it through the next event: Downhill skiing. The fastest man and the fastest woman would each get a date card.

As always, the practice session didn’t go so well, and there were falls during the official race, too. Several players were even disqualified. But for the women, Lesley scored the best time among the women. And as fate would have it, her beau Dean topped the men. They obviously needed just one date card, and decided to give the other to Ashley and Kevin. The pair was thrilled, but Ashley was nervous to tell him she’s a virgin.

“It’s just something I personally couldn’t do,” Kevin admitted when she told him, but said he had “respect” for her decision to wait for the right man. She was impressed by his reaction, telling the camera during their pottery-themed date, “I could definitely see myself falling in love with Kevin.” On their date, Lesley and Dean discussed his reputation as a player, a persona he rejected. Though she still wasn’t sure whether to trust him, she was “ready to take this chance.”

Back at the house, Clare and Christian finally had their time in the Jacuzzi, but the tension remained. They continued to struggle with language and cultural barriers, and she was annoyed that he was just talking instead of making a move. With most of the competitors coupled up, Tiffany was confident she wouldn’t find love and made the decision to leave. Without a “love interest” of his own, Ben shared her concerns and started contemplating quitting, too.

He admitted that he wouldn’t even want to go on a date, and confessed to the camera that he was still dealing with the “loss” of his engagement to Lauren B. Ben elaborated in a tearful conversation with host Chris Harrison, who suggested he was “drowning here.” The former Bachelor concluded, “There’s just not a place for me here.” So he, too, opted to leave the show.

Yuki sobbed over his exit, and others were emotional, too. Michael G. followed in Ben and Tiffany’s footsteps by announcing “this was it” for him, which left Yuki as the only unattached contestant left. Harrison gently sat her down to face the writing on the wall, and she agreed it was time to say goodbye. She was devastated, and Ashley was particularly upset, wondering if they’d see each other again.

The rest of the group anticipated a “dramatic” rose ceremony, and were shocked to learn all of the romances would be put to the test with a kissing contest. Two couples would be out in the end. Several of the pairs got right to practicing, but Clare was apprehensive since she and Christian had yet to smooch. “What do we do?” she asked him. He admitted his “biggest wish” is to kiss her, but not in this kind of “competition.”

Still fed-up with his lack of action, they agreed to end things. She withdrew thinking Benoit might’ve been the “right guy.” With their exit, that meant one couple would be eliminated at the end of the night. Ally feared her relationship with Josiah was too casual for such a makeout challenge, and Stassi was a bit hesitant to show PDA with Luke. In contrast, Dean thought he and Lesley were the “most prepared.”

They were all surprised, though, to find out the judges would be some of their exes: Rachel Lindsay, JoJo Fletcher and Arie Luyendyk. Luke, Dean, Josiah and Bibiana were uncomfortably amused. And even though Ally had no connection to the alums, her stage fright went into overdrive. Fortunately for her, Lesley and Dean went first, but they received mixed reviews from the panelists. In contrast, Ashley and Kevin received a standing ovation. Lily and Courtney impressed, too, as did Bibiana and Jordan.

Watching it all go down, Ally felt increasingly sick and she ran to the bathroom to be sick right after her name was called. She was embarrassed as Josiah tried to comfort her, hoping she wouldn’t give up. Touched by his support, Ally agreed to take their turn. Stassi also went through with it, despite her discomfort. The judges deliberated afterward and assessed not just the kisses, but the romances.

At the formal rose ceremony, Harrison named the couples who were safe and allowed the partners to award each other roses. Ashley and Kevin, deemed the best kissing pair, were called first. The final roses eventually came down to Lesley and Dean versus Ally and Josiah. Ultimately, it was the former couple who were welcomed to stick around, while the latter was given the boot. On Thursday, ABC will air the finale, followed by a “tell all” special.

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