“The Bachelor Winter Games” Recap: Ashley I. Hooks Up With Kevin, Clare Fights With Christian And Benoit

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Bachelor Winter Games Recap February 15 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Bachelor Winter Games Recap February 15 2018


On “The Bachelor Winter Games” on Thursday, new couples formed, love triangles heated up, someone quit and there was another elimination after everyone competed in speed skating.

As Gossip Cop reported, “The Bachelor Winter Games” premiered on Tuesday as the latest spinoff in “The Bachelor” franchise. The show, which filmed in Vermont in December, brings together fan-favorites from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” in the U.S. with contestants from the international editions. The basic concept is inspired by the Winter Olympics: The men and women compete in a series of athletic challenges. The twist, of course, is that there’s a heavy dose of romance also involved.

In the debut episode, Rebecca and Kevin won the first task, which was a biathlon. They each got to ask another player out on a date, choosing Luke and Bibiana, respectively. Both pairings sealed their dates with a kiss. Meanwhile, Josiah made out with Ally, Dean and Lesley quickly paired up, Courtney and Lily hooked up, and Benoit had some kisses with Clare. And then there was Ashley, who cried that crush Kevin wasn’t reciprocating her feelings.

Now the second installment began with Clare acknowledging she was in a “bit of a love triangle” with Benoit and Christian. Luke and Stassi connected over similar health issues. And Lesley wanted more time to get to know Dean, so she went into the second event hoping to win and earn a date. At an ice rink, host Chris Harrison explained there’d be two qualifying rounds for the separate men and women competitions, with two preliminary winners from each heat.

After a lot of falls during the practice session and jokes about “shrinkage,” Rebecca, Lesley, Lily and Clare topped the women’s qualifiers. For the men, Kevin, Benoit, Christian and Courtney led the group. Then Harrison revealed it wouldn’t be those best players moving on to the finals, but the worst. For the men, that meant Dean, Ben, Luke and Michael were actually the ones to compete for the win. It ended up being a photo-finish, with Dean named the champion. Ashley, Stassi, Ally and Bibiana were the finalists for the women, and Stassi emerged the victor. She and Dean were both awarded date cards to take out whomever they wanted.

When everyone returned to the villa, a new contestant was settling in. Jordan, from New Zealand, explained he had visa trouble, which accounted for his late arrival. Amid rumors that he had flipped a coin to pick his winner on “The Bachelor,” most of the gang seemed turned off. Luke was concerned about him “creeping in” on Stassi, but Ben interrupted their conversation to grill Jordan on his past. “If we don’t ask you now, it’s going to be the elephant in the room,” Ben told him.

Jordan explained what went down and tried to defend his history, saying he was hoping to find real love this time around. They then toasted to “owning up to our mistakes.” Luke was relieved when Stassi still chose him for her date. They went on a horse-drawn carriage ride and ended up in a hot tub. He was reminded of a date he had with JoJo Fletcher, but felt his dynamic with Stassi was emotional, whereas on “The Bachelorette” it was physical.

Before Dean decided to ask Lesley out for his date, he said he was “treading cautiously,” and she accused him of being “standoff-ish” and “such a question mark.” She even told him to “man up” or she’d be “gone.” He ultimately admitted he wanted to go out with her, and she accepted. They went tubing and seemed to have fun. Dean apologized for keeping them in a “grey area” and promised Lesley he would try harder to show his commitment.

Amidst all this, Kevin felt drawn to Ashley despite his “connection” with Bibiana, and even told Ashley he was conflicted and feeling “anxiety.” He then decided to “close the chapter” with Bibiana to pursue things with Ashley. Bibiana didn’t seem heartbroken, though, and started to bond with Jordan. They agreed to “wing it,” which apparently meant making out.

As for the other love triangle, Christian seemed to think he and Clare made a “date” for the Jacuzzi and spent the night waiting for her to show up. Benoit was “falling fast” for her, but was concerned she was into Christian. Benoit decided to confront her and she said she was interested in exploring things with multiple people. But he wanted an answer on whether she could see a “future” for them and accused her of kissing him for the “wrong reasons.”

She eventually said they’re not on the “same page,” and both shed a few tears. So crushed, Benoit decided to pack up and leave the show, one day before his birthday. Everyone seemed bummed about his exit, except for Christian, who thought his path was clear now. Clare, too, thought they had a “clean slate.” She found out from Josiah, though, that he was upset about her not showing up for their “date.”

Clare confronted Christian over not speaking to her directly, and they each accused the other of not trying hard enough. “When I kiss Benoit, that’s none of your business,” she told him, adding, “I owe you nothing.” As both got angry, he declared “no more” and said they wouldn’t “start” anything now. Again Clare ended up in tears, now regretting that she let an “amazing man,” Benoit, “walk away.”

Everyone went into the cocktail party unsure how the rose ceremony would work. Harrison revealed there wouldn’t be a vote-off like last time. Instead, the nine men would be giving out roses. But because there were 11 women, two of them would be left rose-less and have to go home. The host stressed that the guys should only give their roses to a woman they felt attracted to, while the women should only accept if they felt the same way.

A number of the couples reaffirmed their commitment, including Ashley and Kevin, but Tiffany tried to sway him and cried as he said he wanted to stick with Ashley. Clare told Christian how “hurt” and “upset” she was by their conversation, and wondered if they had a “cultural” or “language” issue. After they fought again, she told the camera, “I’m over Christian. I deserve better than this.” She was even willing to turn down his rose, should he offer, and go home.

When the time came, Courtney gave his rose to Lily, Luke to Stassi, Jordan to Bibiana, Joshiah to Ally, Dean to Lesley, Kevin to Ashley, Ben to Yuki (for her “uphill battle”), Michael to Tiffany (much to her relief), and Christian to… Clare. In the moment, she decided to accept. Rebecca and Jenny were eliminated. The series continues on Tuesday.

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