‘The Bachelor’ Women Tell All Recap: Nick Viall Confronted After Corinne, Taylor Fight

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Bachelor Women Tell All Recap Nick Viall

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor Women Tell All Recap Nick Viall


The “Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” had the eliminated women sparring with each other and Nick Viall. After Corinne and Taylor fought with each other, Nick tried to explain himself to some of the brokenhearted bachelorettes. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

After showing some highlights, which mostly featured Corinne, Chris Harrison asked all the women where it first went bad with her. In quick succession, different women shared their gripes about Corinne. Some said they had a problem from the start with her taking a nap and missing the first rose ceremony, while others said they had issues with her immaturity and having a nanny. And a few ladies said they were put off by her overt sexual behavior, which began in the first episode with her taking her bikini top off for Nick.

The first woman in the hot seat was Liz, who slept with Nick after Jade and Tanner’s wedding. She told the audience she didn’t think it was fair to be shamed for having sex with Nick. She also revealed that she tried to cross paths with him before the show began, and tell him she was going to be on the season, but it didn’t work out. A number of the other bachelorettes then came to her defense, and told her that they loved her.

That loving feeling, however, was short-lived because the next woman in the hot seat was Taylor, who famously feuded with Corinne. Right away, Corinne yelled at her for being “horrible” to her. Harrison then asked Taylor to explain what “emotional intelligence” meant, and why she thought her nemesis didn’t have it. A therapist, Taylor defined it as one’s “ability to empathize” and pick up on another’s emotions.”

Corinne then walked off the set, but she returned a few seconds later with a glass of champagne. She wasn’t, however, the only one with an issue with Taylor. Jasmine felt Taylor “walked around the house like you were too good for everybody.” On the verge of tears, Taylor said the experience on “The Bachelor” with Corinne hurt not only as a therapist, but also as a woman.

It was then Corinne’s time in the hot seat. She first told Harrison that she thought Taylor “didn’t get the chance to know me.” The other women then didn’t hold back with their criticism of Corinne, which included her habit of constantly napping. But the conversation reverted again to her feud with Taylor. “I feel like she bullied me,” the feisty blonde said of Taylor, alleging that the therapist told her she was “not intelligent enough” to be her friend.

Taylor then apologized to all the women in case she made them feel as if she was “too good to talk to them” and for having possibly “distanced” herself. Harrison then asked Corinne if she wanted to say anything conciliatory to Taylor. “No,” replied Corinne. She then discussed how “important” Raquel the “nanny” is to her, and how she’s been with her “through the hardest times in life.” Corinne acknowledged how the term “nanny” comes off, but explained that Raquel is someone so dear to her that calling her the “cleaning lady” didn’t feel right.

After her on the hot seat was a still heartbroken Kristina. She cried while talking to Harrison about her life, having left Russia and the other children who were her family in an orphanage. Kristina explained her tears were also because to get through her tough life she didn’t allow herself to “be vulnerable,” but she did with Nick. “From a young age, I just never had anyone,” she told the audience, adding that she “built up a wall not to let people get close to me.”

“I am proud of the woman I am becoming,” Kristina told Harrison. The host of “The Bachelor” noted that the show is aired around the world, which prompted Kristina to reveal that some of the kids who were in her orphanage have since reached out to her. Liz then voiced how petty all the women on the “Women Tell All” special were, and how amazing Kristina is. And with that, everyone in the audience gave her a standing ovation.

Nick was next onstage, and had to fend off questions from the women he sent home. Surprisingly, Corinne was the least hurt, and told the bachelor, “I appreciate all the time we spent together. It was very special.” Kristina then asked, “What was missing” after Nick acknowledged they had chemistry, fun, and intelligent conversations. The best (and most honest) he could offer was that he didn’t feel they were meant to be together forever.

A sobbing Danielle L. felt they had a “great connection” and told Nick she was “very surprised” when he sent her home. Christen then asked if he found the “greater love” he was looking for. Nick said everyone would have to tune in next week to find out.

Once Nick was no longer onstage, Rachel came out and talked about her experience of being on “The Bachelor.” She then discussed the type of man she would like to meet as “The Bachelorette,” and noted how “appreciative” she is of the upcoming experience. Rachel also mentioned how “honored” she is to be the first African-American woman to the “The Bachelorette.” She said it was a “lot on my shoulders, but I’m ready to take it on.”

Nick returned to the stage and expressed how prepared Rachel is to be “The Bachelorette.” “I couldn’t imagine anyone better,” he said, adding, “The guys are lucky to meet you.” Rachel then thanked Nick for everything, including helping her get to the point where she is to be confident as “The Bachelorette.”

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