‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall Sends Both Women Home After Two-On-One Date In St. Thomas

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Nick Viall Bachelor Recap February 6 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Viall Bachelor Recap February 6 2017


“The Bachelor” on Monday had Nick Viall taking the women from New Orleans to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and sending home a total of seven women, including both bachelorettes who joined him on a two-on-one date. Get the full recap and spoilers below!

The sixth episode of the season began with the previously and presumably eliminated Taylor crashing Nick’s romantic dinner with her nemesis Corinne. As Gossip Cop noted, Taylor was sent home after a two-on-one with Nick and Corinne in the Louisiana bayou, but after she got dumped, the bachelorette returned for one last dig at her enemy. After interrupting his dinner, Nick went outside with Taylor, who told him he was “flat-out lied to” by Corinne and to “open your eyeballs” about her.

After that unpleasantness, Nick held his New Orleans rose ceremony, where he said goodbye to Alexis, Jaimi, and Josephine. Follow their eliminations, it was time for fun in the sun with the remaining nine women. On the island of St. Thomas, the bachelor went on a one-on-one-date, a group date with six women, and a two-on-one.

The first date was with Kristina. Nick took her on a seaplane to the nearby island of St. John, where they visited the Annaberg Ruins. While there, she shared that she has eight siblings, four of whom were adopted like her. Kristina also revealed she has another biological sister back in Russia, but doesn’t have that much contact with her.

Later, over dinner Kristina opened up about her and her mom parting ways when she was a little kid, and how she then lived in an orphanage. Kristina explained that she grew close to the other kids in the orphanage, who were essentially her family, but left when she was 12 to go to the U.S. because her future in Russia seemed bleak. The two then kissed. Nick told the camera after their dinner, “I would be lucky if Kristina were the person I spend the rest of my life with.”

Next, Nick had a group date with Corinne, Danielle M., Jasmine, Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa. After taking a Catamaran to a beach, the women were divided into two teams of three for a game of volleyball. On one team was Corinne, Rachel, and Rachel, and their opponents were Danielle M., Jasmine, and Vanessa. One by one, each of the women broke down and expressed they were “fed up” with having to compete for Nick’s affection. Even the bachelor admitted in a voiceover that what was supposed to have been a fun day “backfired,” and was a “disaster” because it pulled him and the women “further apart.”

During that night at the resort, Nick took different women aside from the group date to talk. But when he did, some of the other ladies left behind began to have meltdowns, griping to one another about how they “deserved” to be told where they stood with him. Jasmine completely imploded while talking to the bachelor, complaining that she felt “overlooked” by him. After telling Nick that she’s been “the realest” person with him, and that she wanted to “choke” him, he leveled with her and told her it was “time to say goodbye.” While she cried in the car that took her away, Nick expressed in a voiceover that he was feeling the whole experience was “heading in the wrong direction.”

Following that, Nick took Danielle L. and Whitney on a two-on-one date. They went by helicopter to a private beach and reserve, where he spoke to each privately. After going back and forth with each woman, the bachelor told Whitney that while he would like to give her a rose, “in my heart I can’t.” He then flew off with Danielle L., stranding Whitney on the island. Over dinner afterwards, the victorious Danielle L. gushed about them being “on the same page” and her “falling in love” with him. Nick quickly realized, however, he couldn’t reciprocate those feelings, and so he also sent her home. He then told her was “sorry” and walked her to an awaiting car.

This week’s episode ended with a weepy Nick telling the remaining six women that he “wanted this to work out,” but was “terrified” he would never find love, even after his fourth try on the “Bachelor” franchise. He then walked out in tears. None of the six remaining women could believe what they had just witnessed.

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