“The Bachelor” Recap: Nick Viall Eliminates Corinne, Has Fantasy Suite Overnight Date With Raven

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Bachelor Recap February 27 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor Recap February 27 2017


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Nick Viall had a fantasy overnight date in Lapland, Finland. But before all of that, Andi Dorfman unexpectedly visited with Nick in New York. The ninth episode also saw Corinne being eliminated. Get the full recap and spoilers below!

As Gossip Cop previously reported, last week’s episode eight of “The Bachelor” featured hometown dates with Corinne, Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa. And right before this week’s rose ceremony and trip to Finland for fantasy suite overnight dates, Dorfman surprised Nick at his New York hotel. When the action picked up this week, however, the ex-“Bachelorette” who broke his heart, was just there to offer Nick advice. He told Dorfman, “I can now relate to you,” having to decide among the remaining four women. They two even discussed whether he would sleep with the women while on fantasy suite overnight dates.

Following that, it was time for the rose ceremony. Right before, each woman expressed to the camera how special her relationship was with Nick, but also how afraid she was that he would send her home. After handing out roses to Raven and Rachel, it was between Vanessa and Corinne. In the end, Corinne did not get a red rose and cried hysterically as he walked her out. “Why can’t I just have a normal relationship,” bemoaned Corinne while being driven away. And while she added, “I’m done,” Gossip Cop suspects we’ll see her again in paradise.

It was then time for the three remaining women to head to Finland. First up for a one-on-one date was Raven. The two flew in a helicopter above a snow-covered national park. They then played darts in a Finnish bar with some locals before talking about their hometown date. At the pub, Raven admitted to the bachelor she’s nervous about the fantasy suite. She then told the camera she’s only slept with one other man and has never had an orgasm.

Raven and Nick shared a cozy dinner in a cabin together during which she told the bachelor she’s in love with him. At the end of their meal, they kissed and Raven accepted his invitation for an overnight in a fantasy suite. The other two dates with Rachel and Vanessa will take place next Monday.

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