“The Bachelor” Recap: Arie Luyendyk Goes On First One-On-One Dates With Becca, Krystal

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The Bachelor Recap January 8 2018

By Shari Weiss |

The Bachelor Recap January 8 2018


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Arie Luyendyk went on his first one-on-one and group dates of the season before the second rose ceremony. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the new season of “The Bachelor” premiered last week with race car aficionado Arie, Emily Maynard’s runner-up on “The Bachelorette” five years ago, in the driver’s seat. In the first episode, he met his 29 suitors and eliminated eight of them. Now 21 remained as the second episode started.

This installment began with host Chris Harrison delivering a date card for Becca. The man himself then showed up on a motorcycle to whisk her away. Their bike ride led to a mansion in Malibu, where designer Rachel Zoe was waiting. She invited Becca to try on outfits from her collection and model them for Arie. All of the clothing was then gifted to her, along with designer shoes. To top it off, she was offered Neil Lane jewelry and kisses.

Becca returned to the main mansion with all her goods, sparking envy in the women. She then got glam for the night portion of her date, where Arie talked about his “Bachelorette” experience and encouraged her to ask whatever she wanted. It was her “open mind,” he said, that scored her the first date. The Minnesota-based publicist spoke about a seven-year relationship, how she doesn’t want to “settle,” and losing her father to brain cancer. They bonded over being close with their respective families, and Arie of course gave her the date rose, along with more kisses.

Interestingly, Krystal, who told her fellow contestants that she would’ve refused to get on the motorcycle due to the danger factor, was given the second one-on-one date. Their mode of transportation was actually a private plane, for a ride to Arie’s hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. He said her “really great first impression” inspired him to take her on this date. Arie gave the fitness coach a tour of his high school before bringing her to his home. “It’s crazy to think that if I lived with Arie, this could be my life,” she said in a confessional.

Old photos and videos from Arie’s childhood made Krystal emotional before she met his family at his parents’ house. She was inspired by his parents’ marriage and felt nervous to tell him she’s not close with her own family. That night, Krystal told Arie she grew up in a “less traditional” way with divorced parents consisting of an MIA dad and an emotionally unavailable mom. She spoke about caring for her younger brother as a child herself, and revealed she recently discovered he’s now living on the streets. Arie insisted he wasn’t “scared” by her past. “I love your story,” he told her, offering the date rose. A private concert from Connor Duermit followed.

Later, Krystal was reluctant to tell the women the details of her date and they were put off by her vagueness, which came off as “shady.” For the group date, 15 women were selected: Maquel, Marikh, Sienna, Tia, Valerie, Annalise, Lauren G., Kendall, Bekah, Jenny, Jenna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibianna and Chelsea. Arie explained they would partake in a demolition derby. After decorating their own cars, they’d battle until only one vehicle was left running.

Tia predicted someone would end up crying. The show then cut to Annaliese, who tearfully shared that she was traumatized during a bumper cars experience as a kid. Naturally, Arie consoled her and promised she wouldn’t get hurt. Jenny was skeptical of her tears and joked about hitting her car to “give her further trauma.” In the end, Annaliese was glad she participated. The match itself came down to Tia and Sienne, with the latter winning.

After going full-throttle, Brittany ended up in the hospital with a concussion while the rest went to the after party, where Chelsea was the first one to steal Arie away. She finally told him she has a 3-year-old son, which didn’t bother him at all. But others, such as Bibiana, thought Chelsea was monopolizing him and acting like she was the only one who made sacrifices to be there. Bibiana became more and more frustrated as others spent time alone with Arie. “I’m done,” she declared, storming off and telling the cameramen not to follow her.

In addition to winning the derby, Arie was impressed that Sienne went to Yale and once lived in Scottsdale. He also made out with Bekah and chatted with a number of others. But it was Sienne who scored the group date rose. Now she, Krystal and Becca were safe and guaranteed to make it through the upcoming rose ceremony. Everyone else was up for elimination, and Bibiana vowed to get her “time” at the cocktail party.

Arie chose to meet with Brittany first to make sure she was okay. He also amusingly gave her a certificate deeming her the “most hardcore.” Arie and Bekah continued their makeout session, Bibiana continued fixating on getting time with him, and Krystal interrupted Arie with Lauren B. even though she already had a rose and Lauren didn’t get to go on the group date. That enraged Bibiana, who called Krystal a “selfish bitch” in a confessional.

Krystal again refused to share details of their time, further bothering the women. When Bibiana finally met up with Arie, Krystal tried to interrupt and Bibiana sent her away. But their conversation was still cut short and Krystal got another private moment with him, even though there were others who hadn’t spoken to Arie at all. “This bitch is trying hard to piss people off,” Bibiana declared.

And when Krystal came back, Bibiana told her, “I really think you have a lot of balls just coming to sit down with us.” The two went back and forth, with Bibiana telling her, “You just dug a big ass hole with yourself.” At the rose ceremony, Bibiana wasn’t sure her name would be called. But she received the very last rose, and it was Lauren G., Jenny and Valerie who were left rose-less and therefore out of the competition.

A stunned Jenny tried to leave without saying goodbye and largely rebuffed Arie’s attempt to explain his decision. Now 18 women are left.

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