“The Bachelor” Recap: Arie Luyendyk Fights With Krystal, Goes On Dates With Tia And Chelsea

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The Bachelor Recap January 29 2018

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The Bachelor Recap January 29 2018


On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Arie Luyendyk had one-on-one dates with Tia and Chelsea. But it was a meltdown from Krystal and a fight with her that caused all the drama. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Arie learned Bekah’s real age (22) on last week’s “The Bachelor.” He wrestled with keeping her in the competition, but ultimately decided to continue exploring their connection. Krystal, meanwhile, continued being territorial over the man of their affection. She feuded with Tia and even interrupted the rose ceremony. Tonight, the situation worsened.

The episode began with Arie and the women arriving in Fort Lauderdale. Arie surprised Chelsea by asking her to go on a date in front of the other girls. They boarded a luxury yacht, which the rest of the contestants were able to see from afar through a telescope. Lauren B. and Maquel, who returned after mourning her grandfather’s death, were particularly jealous watching them kiss.

Arie and Chelsea had dinner at an antique car museum, where she opened up about her relationship with her son’s father. She claimed she was “molded” by this older man, who left her after seven years when their baby was just six months old. She expressed gratitude for having a healthy son and being on this journey. Impressed by her independence and strength, Arie promised not to “waste” her time and awarded her the date rose. The evening was capped off by a private performance from Tenille Arts.

For the group date, Maquel, Krystal, Bekah, Becca, Jenna, Seinne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Jacqueline and Lauren B. were chosen. The women went to a bowling alley, where they split up into two teams: “The Spare Roses” versus “The Pinups.” Arie said only the winning squad would get to go to the after-party, with the rest staying at the hotel. “The Spare Roses” dominated and Krystal was ecstatic. But Arie, feeling bad about “The Pinups” losing out on precious time with him, decided to invite them to the after-party after all.

Krystal was angry, declaring in a confessional, “I’m done.” Maquel and others claimed she flipped out on the bus ride back and branded Arie a “liar.” She was caught on audio ranting in the hotel room and then decided to boycott the party, even saying they could tell him she found him “disrespectful” to the winning team. “All my stuff is packed and I’m not going on the date,” she said, prompting Kendall to call out her lack of “kindness.”

So the girls went without her and bonded over Krystal’s “temper tantrum.” When Arie joined them, he noticed her absence, and they told him about her meanness and the “liar” comment. “Man, well that’s awkward,” he declared. But Arie said he wanted to “check on her,” which frustrated Maquel even more. Krystal told Arie she felt “disrespected” because he “said one thing and changed [his] mind.” They went back and forth on who was in the wrong, as she told him, “I need more.” He said she was making him “pull back,” and told her to stay behind.

Arie returned to the waiting women and said they would “have the night to ourselves.” Kendall was the first to steal him away and cheer him up. He and Bekah rehashed their age issues, but of course still made out. And Arie brought Becca to his room for a “little something extra,” which she appreciated. Then Krystal, feeling things were “unresolved,” decided to go to the party after all, stunning everyone. She expressed regret, but the other women weren’t buying it.

Krystal quickly accused them of “attacking” her, especially enraging Lauren B., who walked off. The others continued challenging her, prompting her to leave without ever seeing Arie. Fortunately, Lauren B. still scored time with him. She admitted, “I’m afraid I’m going to fall for you and you’re going to choose someone else.” He in turn confessed, “I’m afraid I’m going to choose someone who isn’t right for me.” In the end, it was Lauren who got the group date rose, though he also praised Kendall and Maquel. Becca in particular was dismayed.

On their one-on-one date, Tia and Arie went on an airboat ride through the swamplands, ending up at a private cabin. Dinner was fancy, as always, and she said in a confessional that she wanted to let him know that “I am falling in love.” Arie was impressed by her doctorate, and seemed relieved that she was open to being with someone who doesn’t share her faith. She became emotional as they talked, admitting, “I’m falling for you and it’s scary as hell to say that I’m falling in love with you. I feel like I’m falling in love with you.” Naturally, Arie loved hearing that and gave her the date rose.

No one was over Krystal’s behavior by the time the cocktail party rolled around. She privately vowed to do whatever necessary to get a rose, and openly told the women that she now has “no regrets.” Bekah was angry that she didn’t “apologize,” but Krystal did say she was willing to speak with them individually to talk things out. Kendall took her up on the offer, and Tia joined them. She copped to being “hurt” and losing her cool, but neither woman let her off easy.

And when it was Bekah’s turn, she flat-out asked, “Why are you still here?” She blasted Krystal for focusing on herself and not taking “responsibility” for her actions, but ultimately stormed off, saying, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.” An angry Krystal said the same to the camera, but went into her private time with Arie “confident” that all would be “okay.” He admitted they were now “a couple steps back,” and she blamed her reaction on what she witnessed her mom go through as a child.

Arie said she still didn’t give the “correct response,” and warned, “If you think this is hard, after this is twice as hard.” She tried to make light of their “first fight,” but he pointedly said, “It could be our last fight.” Going into the rose ceremony, Krystal hoped he’d show her “compassion.” Ultimately, the final rose went to her, and the ones left without flowers were Maquel, Ashley and Marikh. Next week, the remaining women are whisked away to Paris, where Krystal has to go on the dreaded two-on-one date.

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