“The Bachelor” Recap: Arie Luyendyk Goes On Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates, Faces Becca’s Ex-Boyfriend

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On “The Bachelor” on Monday, Arie Luyendyk went on the overnight Fantasy Suite dates. But his journey towards a happy ending was interrupted by Becca’s ex-boyfriend. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Arie went on the hometown dates on last week’s edition of “The Bachelor.” After meeting Becca, Tia, Lauren B. and Kendall’s families, he chose to eliminate a tearful Tia. Now the penultimate edition began with the reality star and his final three women arriving in Peru for another round of dates. The first was with Kendall.

Their day began with dune buggy riding. They had a blast, of course, but Kendall was in her “head.” She told Arie they needed to know “more” about each other, and even admitted to the camera that if he were to propose then, she’d say “no.” The Fantasy Suite was also up in the air. During the night portion, Kendall expressed concern that she was a “novelty” and that Arie was only attracted to her “quirks.” He assured her they’re a “good fit,” and she confessed, “I am falling in love with you.” Arie replied, “I’m falling for you, too.”

Presented with a key to the Fantasy Suite, Kendall said she was hesitant to “move forward” if there wasn’t more to them than the “physical side,” but now she felt confident to spend the night together. In fact, she said in a confessional, “I hope for a proposal at the end of all this.” The morning after, Arie said they spent the night “talking,” and it “got me to the place where I could see us at the end of this.” He again told her, “I’m definitely falling in love with you.”

Lauren B.’s date was next, and that kicked off with an aerial tour. Arie hoped to further break down her “wall,” and see more than just “glimpses” of her. She assured him she sees a “future” with him, but was still afraid of getting “hurt.” Lauren even admitted she’s contemplated giving up, a notion that “scared” Arie. He insisted he saw “potential in her being my wife,” but she stressed, “I need to feel like I’m the only girl that you see.” Arie lamented to the camera, “If I’m reassuring her all the time, I’m not really getting to know her.”

That night, Arie brought up the “heavy weight” on her shoulders, and she expressed gratitude for his support, but cautioned she wanted him to be “confident” in his decision not just for a proposal but “the rest of your life.” He went on to tell her in response, “I want you to know I do feel confident in all this because I love you, and I would hate to lose you.” Lauren confirmed she was in love with him, too, and said “absolutely” to the Fantasy Suite. They repeated their “I love you” declarations in the morning, though he warned things would “get harder before they get easier.” Lauren now thought it was all “worth it,” telling the camera, “I can’t see Arie ending up with anyone else but me.”

Becca started her date ready to use the “l-word,” too, and Arie also said in a confessional, “I’m definitely falling in love.” They went sailing, during which she asked if he has “any doubts or hesitations.” They agreed they didn’t. Becca discussed how it was “hard” doing long-distance with her ex of seven years, because she put in “most of the effort.” But she seemed willing to give things a go with Arie. That night, he admitted his “biggest fear” would be “choosing the wrong person at the end of all this.” Becca shared that it was after their hometown date that she realized she “loved him,” and that she’s been “dying to tell you that.”

Arie in turn said that after their last date, he thought he was “falling, too,” but their day made him realize, “I’m not falling, I am.” Wanting “all the time in the world” with him, Becca accepted the Fantasy Suite invitation. Like with Lauren, Arie and Becca kept repeating “I love you” throughout the rest of their date. He further told the camera, “I’m so in love with this girl. She is, literally, perfect.” For her part, Becca said in her confessional the next morning, “Nothing can get in the way at all.”

Well, Becca’s ex, Ross, then showed up in Peru, claiming he only found out a week ago she was on “The Bachelor” and only just learned that the show ended with a proposal. He went to Arie’s hotel room, and told him, “That’s my proposal to give her. She’s the love of my life. I want to marry her.” Arie questioned if this was about a “competition,” but Ross claimed it was his “love” for Becca motivating him. “I’d a swam here if I had to,” he insisted. Arie told Ross he and Becca were “pretty far down the road” and that they had confessed their “love” for one another. “But I can’t speak for her,” he acknowledged. Still, he added, “If it ends up she says goodbye to you, I’d like you to respect our relationship going forward.”

Ross instead told Arie, “I’m a go get her.” And so he then went to Becca’s hotel room, and she immediately demanded, “What are you doing here?” His reply: “I came to win you back.” Becca said “no” several times, and refused to invite him inside. “I knew you were going to do this,” she admitted, and he made his pitch. “No matter what, Becca, it always comes back to you,” Ross told her, adding, “I wanted to marry you, Becca. That was my intention.” She accused him of living his life “like a movie,” even naming The Notebook, as he went on and on about wanting to be with her.

Becca was even angrier upon learning Ross had spoken to “the guy,” Arie, and said of their former relationship, “I can’t go back to that. I don’t want to go back to that.” Finally Ross said, “I wish you guys the best. I had no business being here.” When he eventually departed, Becca was left worried Arie would now have “doubts” about their relationship. So she went to reassure him, first apologizing and sharing her shock. He wanted Becca to be “certain,” but she insisted he shouldn’t “question” her and think she would “choose” Ross over him. Arie then opted for alone time to think things over with the rose ceremony looming.

Before the big elimination, Arie reflected on everything with host Chris Harrison. As he repeated all of his feelings, so did the three women in their confessionals. Arie told the camera, “I hope I make the right decision, for us, not just for me, for me and my partner moving forward.” When the time came, he stressed to the trio how “in love” he was and how sure he was that things would “end” with a proposal. Then, just as he did at the last rose ceremony, he asked to speak with Kendall privately. Quipped Becca, “This is an ongoing theme.” Lauren’s reaction: “I’m going to throw up.”

But unlike last time when Arie wanted hope and reassurance from Kendall, he now told her, “I don’t think we can get there.” She took the news fairly well and departed with a hug, though she cried during her departure ride. Arie then offered his roses to Lauren and Becca. On next week’s finale, they’ll meet his family and he’ll have to make his final decision.

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